Hello, Freebsd-usb.

  I've  implemented  driver (ucom-subdriver) for MosChip 7820 and 7840
 USB2COM multiport bridges. I have two questions:

  (1)  How  should  I  specify  module-load  function? DRIVER_MODULE()
  doesn't   help   much.  I  need  to run some code only once, at very
  beginning,  not  for each probe/attach. GEOM modules have methods for
  it, but I can not find such methods for drivers.

  (2) Which name should I choose? Working name of module/driver/device
  is "mos7840", but it seems, that it is bad name:
   (a) All existing ucom-based drivers is "uXXXcom"
   (b) Driver instances looks ugly (like "mos78400")

  Is  "umos7840com"  good name or it is too long? :) We have "umoscom"
  driver for older MosChip chip in base already.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@serebryakov.spb.ru>

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