On Fri, 19 Nov 2010, Matthias Apitz wrote:

El d?a Friday, November 19, 2010 a las 07:16:53PM +0100, Hans Petter Selasky 

I was thinking in a tool just reading each file block by block,
comparing the blocks and noting the 1st diff with block offset number.
(some 10 lines of C code :-))


Maybe you need to write a small C-program to do that.

You can use bcmp() to compare two buffers.

Will do that tomorrow.

Just an idea: The USB key in question was new and I only created the
file system on it the usual way (fdisk, bsdlabel, newfs). Then I
restored the dump on it (which took 26 hours for 3.1 GByte dump file).
The USB key boots fine, btw.

26 *hours*?  USB 1.1?

Could it be that unwritten/unformatted blocks are read as random data
from that USB key?

Well, they could be anything. But the original filesystem has formerly-used blocks with old data from deleted files. dump doesn't copy those, but dd does.

Should I overwrite the full USB key from /dev/zero?

Possibly there would still be differences. Filesystem metadata like date last mounted, for example. If you want a block-by-block duplicate, the brute-force method is to just dd the whole drive. Use bs=64k or bs=1m to help reduce overhead.
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