hi there,

i've reported this issue quite a while ago [1], but back then nobody was able
to help me. i have an issue with my usb mouse. when there's a high CPU load it
produces random mouse clicks. this doesn't happen on other OSes. i've attached
a different usb mouse to my freebsd box and i could't observe the same
behavior. so it seems this problem is only related to specific mice.

back then hps@ guessed that my mouse requires a certain polling rate from the
host. during high cpu load the host couldn't keep up the polling rate and thus
the mouse starts producing wrong output.

i've uploaded i video [2], so you can oberserve what happens exactly. please
note that during the whole video i didn't touch a single button, but only moved
my mouse along the x and y axis.


[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/freebsd-usb@freebsd.org/msg05766.html
[2] http://vimeo.com/19037272

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