On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 16:01, Hans Petter Selasky <hsela...@c2i.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 January 2011 21:44:01 Marcin Wisnicki wrote:
>> I've accidentally cut power to my self-powered USB hdd enclosure with
>> UFS+gjournal on GELI.
> [snip]
> Could you show more dmesg?

Full dmesg captured after restart is in attachment to this message [dmesg.log].
What I've pasted however is everything that happened after
disconnection until kernel dump, previous messages are from many hours
or days earlier.

> Also try to build a kernel with the following options:

Unfortunately that panic is not reproducible, it's the first time I've seen it.

Trying to reproduce it I get the usual UFS panic:

# brace for impact
> sync;sync;sync

# cut the power for 1s
ugen3.2: <vendor 0x058f> at usbus3 (disconnected)
uhub4: at uhub3, port 1, addr 2 (disconnected)
ugen3.3: <Sunplus Technology Inc.> at usbus3 (disconnected)
umass0: at uhub4, port 1, addr 3 (disconnected)
(da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): lost device
(da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): Synchronize cache failed, status == 0xa, scsi
status == 0x0
(da0:umass-sim0:0:0:0): removing device entry
GEOM_JOURNAL: Lost provider label/ghost_tank2_enc.eli.
ugen3.4: <Imation> at usbus3 (disconnected)
umass1: at uhub4, port 3, addr 4 (disconnected)
GEOM_JOURNAL: Cannot destroy journal label/ghost_tank2_enc.eli
(error=16). Destroy it manually after last close.
(da1:umass-sim1:1:0:0): lost device
(da1:umass-sim1:1:0:0): removing device entry
ugen3.2: <vendor 0x058f> at usbus3
uhub4: <vendor 0x058f product 0x6254, class 9/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr
2> on usbus3
uhub4: 4 ports with 4 removable, self powered
ugen3.3: <Sunplus Technology Inc.> at usbus3
umass0: <Bulk Only Interface> on usbus3
ugen3.4: <Imation> at usbus3
umass1: <Imation Atom, class 0/0, rev 2.00/1.10, addr 4> on usbus3
da0 at umass-sim1 bus 1 scbus3 target 0 lun 0
da0: <Imation Atom PMAP> Removable Direct Access SCSI-0 device
da0: 40.000MB/s transfers
da0: 3872MB (7929856 512 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 493C)
da1 at umass-sim0 bus 0 scbus2 target 0 lun 0
da1: <WDC WD10 EADS-00L5B1 > Fixed Direct Access SCSI-2 device
da1: 40.000MB/s transfers
da1: 953869MB (1953525168 512 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 121601C)

> ls /dev/label/
boot0                       boot0g
boot0a                      boot0h
boot0b                      ghost_tank2_enc
boot0d                      ghost_tank2_enc.eli.journal
boot0e                      ghost_tank2_key

# couple of minutes later
GEOM_JOURNAL: Error while reading data from label/ghost_tank2_enc.eli (error=6).
panic: ufs_dirbad: /vol/store/tank2: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
cpuid = 0
KDB: stack backtrace:
at db_trace_self_wrapper+0x26
kdb_backtrace(c078804a,0,c077fb99,e678f89c,0,...) at kdb_backtrace+0x2a
panic(c077fb99,c46a3464,2,0,c077fc57,...) at panic+0x117
ufs_dirbad(c46843a0,0,c077fc57,0,e678f948,...) at ufs_dirbad+0x46
ufs_lookup_(0,e678f970,c0748612,e678f990,e678f9b0,...) at ufs_lookup_+0x37a
ufs_lookup(e678f990,e678f9b0,c0578ea2,c07b8c00,e678f990,...) at ufs_lookup+0x1e
vfs_cache_lookup(e678fa18,e678f9c8,200000,e678fb58,e678fa38,...) at
VOP_LOOKUP_APV(c07b8c00,e678fa18,e678fb58,1f6,848,...) at VOP_LOOKUP_APV+0x46
lookup(e678fb2c,c4ed7400,400,e678fb4c,e678fa60,...) at lookup+0x6be
namei(e678fb2c,c04e85fd,0,1000,e678fae0,...) at namei+0x633
kern_statat_vnhook(c4f29870,0,ffffff9c,21c6d430,0,...) at
kern_statat(c4f29870,0,ffffff9c,21c6d430,0,...) at kern_statat+0x3c
kern_stat(c4f29870,21c6d430,0,e678fbe8,c46bd754,...) at kern_stat+0x36
stat(c4f29870,e678fcec,e678fd28,b,21c93000,...) at stat+0x2f
syscallenter(c4f29870,e678fce4,e678fce4,0,c4f29870,...) at syscallenter+0x329
syscall(e678fd28) at syscall+0x34
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x21
--- syscall (188, FreeBSD ELF32, stat), eip = 0x21bb0e43, esp =
0xbfbfdf9c, ebp = 0xbfbfdfb8 ---
Uptime: 3d5h10m44s
Physical memory: 1007 MB
Dumping 201 MB: 186 170 154 138 122 106 90 74 58 42 26 10
Dump complete
Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort

But that's expected :(

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