El día Sunday, January 23, 2011 a las 07:44:04PM +0100, Hans Petter Selasky 

> Try adding some mass storage quirks:
> kldload usb_quirk
> usbconfig -d X.Y add_dev_quirk_vplh x x x x x x

I tried w/o understanding what I do:

usbconfig -d 4.3 add_dev_quirk_vplh 0x07ab 0xfc8e 0x0000 0xffff UQ_CFG_INDEX_0

and printed some of the quirks:

VID=0x0204 PID=0x6026 REVLO=0x0000 REVHI=0xffff QUIRK=UQ_MSC_NO_SYNC_CACHE
VID=0x07ff PID=0x00ff REVLO=0x0000 REVHI=0xffff QUIRK=UQ_MSC_NO_SYNC_CACHE
VID=0x07ab PID=0xfc8e REVLO=0x0000 REVHI=0xffff QUIRK=UQ_CFG_INDEX_0

is there some documentation of the parameters REVLO, REVHI and QUIRK?

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