On Monday 31 January 2011 20:59:21 Peter Jeremy wrote:
> I use a Huawei E176 on FreeBSD 8.1 for portable 3G connectivity.
> Occasionally, ppp(8) reports:
> Phase: deflink: read (2): Got zero bytes
> Phase: deflink: open -> lcp
> and ppp(8) brings the link down.  Trying to restart the link shows
> that the E176 still thinks the link is up (entering 'term' and then
> '~p' restores connectivity).  grog@ has similar problems with an E1762.
> Can anyone suggest why u3g(4) is incorrectly reporting EOF to an
> application?


Try enabling u3g debugging. 

sysctl hw.usb.u3g.debug=15

This might require compiling a kernel having:

options USB_DEBUG

Maybe the zero length data comes from USB. Else it is a TTY problem.

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