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> On Saturday 05 February 2011 16:18:56 Donald Allen wrote:
> > Does whoever is responsible for CAM/SCSI
> > know about this and do you know if there are plans to fix it? What is the
> > point of "supporting" USB devices (and we aren't talking about an
> odd-ball
> > device here; these are USB disks), when the "support" is partially
> broken?
> As far as I know there are no ongoing plans to fix this issue. Yes, we need
> to
> support the oddballs too, of course.

Actually, I'm arguing that you (FreeBSD, not necessarily the USB layer) need
to better support the *main-stream* devices better (I care much less about
the outliers, because by definition, the quality of their support affects
far fewer people). These Toshiba drives are vanilla stuff, used by many for

> Currently a lot of quirks have been
> pushed into the umass driver, but I guess that we need to add more quirks,
> and
> probably switch around from black-listing into white-listing, so that the
> quirks are turned on by default.
> Thanks for your understanding!

I do understand, but in some ways I don't. FreeBSD is a great system,
superior to Linux in many ways that have been discussed ad nauseum, but USB
devices, particularly disks and flash-based devices, are ubiquitous these
days, and FreeBSD's support for these devices is weak, weaker than Linux and
even OpenBSD (in my experience). This seems like a very odd place for a
gaping hole in the system, particularly after all the work you did to
re-implement the USB layer.


> --HPS
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