Dear Visa Cardholder,
   Continuous Monitoring is an integral part of Visa's multiple layer= s
   of security. In addition to other fraud monitoring tools, we can often
   spo= t
   fraud based upon transactions on the card that are outside of
   cardholde= rs typical purchasing pattern.
   This allows us to spot fraudulent activity= as quickly as possible and
   acts as an early-warning system to identify frau= dulent activity.
   During a recent checkout we detected suspicious activity and your Visa
   card = may have been compromised. Fraudulent activity made it
   to limit= your card for online services.
   Your Case ID Number is: AY09GP32DD= 06
   Conform to our security requirements and in order to continue = online
   services with your card, we must validate your identity.
   Pleas= e use our link below to proceed:
   l-= 128
   Visa takes online security= very seriously so that you can shop safely
   on the Internet. As part of our = commitment to fighting fraud we have
   right to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal
   activities, = suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats
   to the physical safe= ty
   of any person, or violations of the terms and conditions for using
   Vis= a.
   © Copyright 1996-2011 Visa. All Rights Reserved.


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