On Wednesday 23 February 2011 17:12:10 Satyakam Phukan wrote:
> To
> Free BSD Developers
> In the countries like India Mobile Broadband (USB Modems) are one of the
>  most popular and convenient modes of accessing the internet. The Ubuntu
>  Linux has made itself popular by making many of these USB Modems
> compliant with there OS.
> I have uploaded the files of two of these USB Modems, Teracom LW 273
> (Linktop) and Huawei 1260 in Hotfiles . I request all the Free BSD
> community to see, if any Free BSD driver/port  can be prepared for them .
> Here are the links
> http://hotfile.com/dl/106624194/c0ba...NL_3G.zip.html
> http://hotfile.com/dl/106625408/c7e4..._1260.zip.html


Have you looked at the u3g driver in FreeBSD 8+?


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