My kernel is 9-CURRENT r214444 (as of October 2010) and I've updated
the ports multimedia/webcamd and multimedia/cuse4bsd to the latest versions:

# pkg_info | fgrep webcamd
webcamd-0.1.20_1    A port of Linux USB webcam and DVB drivers into userspace 

# webcamd
USB Video Class driver (v0.1.0)
IR JVC protocol handler initialized
IR LIRC bridge handler initialized
IR NEC protocol handler initialized
IR RC5(x) protocol handler initialized
IR RC6 protocol handler initialized
IR Sony protocol handler initialized
lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 13
Attached ugen4.2[0] to cuse unit 0
uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device  (0c45:62c0)
Creating /dev/video0

# pwcview
Failed to set palette to YUV420P: Invalid argument

When I plug in another USB cam and restart webcamd it gives a hard lock
of the system.

Thanks for any idea concerning the cam 0c45:62c0, the build in one.

Matthias Apitz
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