On Fri Mar 18 11, Anonymous wrote:
> Alexander Best <arun...@freebsd.org> writes:
> > i've reported this issue quite a while ago [1], but back then nobody was 
> > able
> > to help me. i have an issue with my usb mouse. when there's a high CPU load 
> > it
> > produces random mouse clicks. this doesn't happen on other OSes. i've 
> > attached
> > a different usb mouse to my freebsd box and i could't observe the same
> > behavior. so it seems this problem is only related to specific mice.
> I'm curious, can you reproduce it without moused(8), i.e. specifying
> /dev/umsN in xorg.conf rather than /dev/sysmouse.

after restarting hald and removing all input sections from my xorg.conf i'm
now able to use both mouse and keyboard via hald in X.

so it seems moused(8) is clearly to blame for the random clicks during high
CPU load and/or fast mouse movements.

thanks again for the pointer. :)


> This may be unrelated but my mx518 mouse produces random clicks when I
> move it very quickly and using moused(8), no clicks when not.
> >
> > back then hps@ guessed that my mouse requires a certain polling rate from 
> > the
> > host. during high cpu load the host couldn't keep up the polling rate and 
> > thus
> > the mouse starts producing wrong output.

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