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Hi there

I'm looking for any help out there. I have a USB relay controller that
should be seen as a modem. I think there was something similar working
before under FreeBSD called a PICKit. When I look up the error I'm getting
it points to this kit. The vendor ID seems to be the same.

The chip on the controller I have is a PIC18F24 J50.

When I plug it in on a FreeBSD8.2 AMD64 release I get the following:
root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x04d8 product 0x000a bus uhub2
kernel: ugen2.2: <Microchip Technology Inc.> at usbus2

# usbconfig list
ugen2.2: <CDC RS-232 Emulation Demo Microchip Technology Inc.> at usbus2,
cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON

That could be a CDCE device (communication class - ethernet). See cdce(4) man page.
Try to load the if_cdce kernel module, then plug in your device.
If that doen'st work, I'æm out of ideas.

Thanks Torfinn but that didn't work. It stil ldid not pick the device up.
In Linux it picks it up as a modem and from what I've read up on the internet you connect to the virtual serial port to control the relays.

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