in case i'm having difficulty with attachments because of gmail.  i'm inlining 
it this time..

the patch should be applied from /usr/src or / (assuming the sys symlink is 

*** sys/dev/usb/usbdevs.backup  Thu May 12 15:03:01 2011
--- sys/dev/usb/usbdevs Thu May 12 15:06:36 2011
*** 626,631 ****
--- 626,632 ----
 vendor UMEDIA          0x157e  U-MEDIA Communications
 vendor FIBERLINE       0x1582  Fiberline
 vendor SPARKLAN                0x15a9  SparkLAN
+ vendor SOUNDGRAPH     0x15c2  Soundgraph, Inc.
 vendor AMIT2           0x15c5  AMIT
 vendor SOHOWARE                0x15e8  SOHOware
 vendor UMAX            0x1606  UMAX Data Systems
*** 3108,3113 ****
--- 3109,3118 ----
 product SPARKLAN RT2870_1      0x0006  RT2870
 product SPARKLAN RT3070                0x0010  RT3070
+ /* Soundgraph products */
+ product SOUNDGRAPH IMON_VFD   0x0044  Antec Veris Elite VFD Panel, Knob, and 
+ product SOUNDGRAPH SSTONE_LC16        0xffdc  Silverstone LC16 VFD Panel, 
Knob, and Remote
+ /* Speed Dragon Multimedia products */
 product SPEEDDRAGON MS3303H    0x110b  MS3303H Serial

Jim Bryant wrote:
thanks, I shall take a look at youtube when I can.

The context diff patch is attached, cwd for the patch should be /usr/src.

Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On Wednesday 11 May 2011 22:57:32 Jim Bryant wrote:
Can someone please add the following entries to usbdevs?

vendor SOUNDGRAPH            0x15C2  Soundgraph, Inc.

product SOUNDGRAPH IMON_VFD                     0x0044  Antec Veris
Elite VFD Panel and Remote
product SOUNDGRAPH SILVERSTONE_LC16     0xFFDC Silverstone LC16 VFD
Panel and Remote

Also, is there any documentation for usbdi(9) than the source code
itself ????????????

No. Maybe something on youtube, if you search for FreeBSD USB.

Can you format the addition like a patch to usbdevs? The entries should be inserted at the correct numerical and alphabetical location.


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