do start_read/stop_read and start_write/stop_write map directly to the userland read(2) and write(2) calls?

i had looked at this previously, and am a bit confused on if the above is correct.

even if they are the direct interface to read(2)/write(2), the issue of a poll method for select(2) still exists...

grepping all DRIVER_MODULE usages comes up with only two poll methods:

powerpc/powermac/pmu.c: DEVMETHOD(adb_hb_controller_poll, pmu_poll), powerpc/powermac/cuda.c: DEVMETHOD(adb_hb_controller_poll, cuda_poll),

and those are unhelpful.

usb_fifo_methods doesn't seem to have a poll, how would i go about this? select(2) is a more familiar interface for application programmers to use for this purpose, instead of using an ioctl for the same functionality in a way that is not compatible with select(2).

please excuse me if these are newbie questions, but, i'm still in the learning process.

i can do this if there is a way to prevent DRIVER_MODULE from creating the devfs nodes, and instead do this in a hybrid way using DRIVER_MODULE and make_dev(9), which has the exact traditional functionality i want in this. any ideas? two of the three device nodes this driver will create will require read(2)/select(2) interfaces visible to userland, and the third driver will require write(2) visible to userland.

the question is: is there a way to use DRIVER_MODULE, which seems necessary for usbdi, yet create the devfs nodes using make_dev/cdevsw? i would prefer to not have DRIVER_MODULE create the device nodes.

am i missing something?  i again apologize for the newbie questions...


Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On Tuesday 24 May 2011 23:19:27 Jim Bryant wrote:
if i add such an interface to the current DRIVER_MODULE version, how would i go about NOT having DRIVER_MODULE create the devfs entries? i would prefer to have the devfs entries handled by make_dev, so to have access to the desired syscalls.

Look at /sys/dev/usb/serial/ulpt.c

For a simple example.

More abstract:

"cd /usr/ports/multimedia/cuse4bsd" and "man libusb20"


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