Hello, Perryh.
You wrote 1 июня 2011 г., 2:19:19:

>>   Last changes, committed to 8-STABLE ... breaks some API/ABI ...
> AFAIK, changes that break API/ABI are not supposed to be MFCd.
> Perhaps that one needs to be backed out of 8-STABLE?
  I'm not sure, is this applicable to ABI for kernel modules, which
are recommended to be in sync with kernel in any case. And even if
they will be backed out from 8-STABLE, there will be problem to
distinguish between tow versions of ABI on HEAD in any case. Many ABI
changes leads to bumping OSVERSION, but not this one (I've checked
appropriate HEAD commits).
 Other problem is, that old modules still can be loaded in new kernel,
and AFAIK, here is some mechanism to prevent it, like OSVERSION too.

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