Hi all,
        Apologies if I'm posting to the wrong list, but this one looks to 
have more USB knowledge than general ports. Just LART me if I'm 
mistaken and I'll post to ports@. I'm trying to port this:


to FreeBSD and have run into a brick wall (my lack of knowledge, 
basically). It uses Linux' hiddev to communicate with the 
OpenProgrammer hardware, which isn't compatible with our usbhid. The 
ioctls and structs are very different. The programmer itself has a 
uhidX device node and seems to be fine under FreeBSD.

Can some kind soul give me some pointers? Specifically, some clue as 
to how to translate from hiddev to usbhid would be most helpful.

There's also a GTK based GUI which I suspect will all fall into place 
once I have the CLI sussed. Any help at all on this would be most 
gratefully received as this device is much, *much* more reliable and 
intuitive than the JDM type programmers that picprog supports, along 
with having some very useful Atmel and I2C device support. It also 
doesn't rely on the disappearing RS232 port.

Thanks in advance,
Matt Dawson
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