On 2011-08-02 16:30, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
Hello, Freebsd-usb.
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   Now I have another question: devfs(8) uses device types or paths to
specify access rules for /dev/*, which is bad idea for USB device, as
it will change path when cable will be re-attached to another port. Is
here any method to set owner:group of device node by VID/PID or ID
string or something like this?
  I've tried to add "attach" rule to devd.conf, but here is one
problem: $device-name is "ugen1.2" for example, and "devfs" change
owner and permissions on /dev/ugen1.2, but it is only "symbolic link"
and real device is "/dev/usb/1.2.0" in such case -- as result, owner
and permissions on real device stay unchanged and "blazer_usb" can not
access it again :(

Hi Lev,

This has some info on permissions:




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