On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 09:37:39AM +0200, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Monday 15 August 2011 22:26:56 Juergen Lock wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> >  I just prepared a preliminary update of the emulators/qemu-devel
> > port to 0.15.0 [1], and among other things it now also has a
> > usb network redirection feature using usbredir [2], which uses
> > libusb 1.0 and a function that is missing in our version,
> > libusb_get_device_speed().  I added a stub to the code that
> > always returns LIBUSB_SPEED_UNKNOWN
> > (files/patch-usbredirhost-usbredirhost.c in the usbredir port [2]),
> > question for Hans (I guess), would there be an easy way to make a
> > `proper' implementation?
> > 
> >  If anyone wants to help me test qemu 0.15.0, thanx!
> Please try the attached patch to libusb in /usr/src/lib/libusb .
> You only need to rebuild libusb: make all install clean
> >         FETCHENTRY: entry at 22C5484 is of type 2 which is not supported
> > yet processing error - resetting ehci HC
> Try my patch first. EHCI needs to know device speed.

Thanx, tho it turns out:

a) the FETCHENTRY:.. crash also happens without any device redirection
   with FreeBSD 8.2 (at least) guests and ehci enabled (-readconfig
   docs/ich9-ehci-uhci.cfg), and

b) if I test this with your patch (working libusb_get_device_speed()
   that doesn't just always return LIBUSB_SPEED_UNKNOWN) and redirecting
   an usb 2.0 device with ehci enabled using usbredir then qemu
   complains like:

        qemu: Warning: speed mismatch trying to attach usb device USB Redirectio
n Device to bus usb.0

   and ignores the redirected device.  So for now I have added a
   #define IGNORE_LIBUSB_GET_DEVICE_SPEED to the (updated) preliminary
   usbredir FreeBSD port,


   so that usbredirhost_open() now always works with:

        device_connect.speed = usb_redir_speed_unknown;

 Question: do people also see this problem on Linux?  This post has
an usage example:


 Or is the problem just that with the example usage,

        sudo usbredirserver 045e:0772
        qemu ... \
            -readconfig docs/ich9-ehci-uhci.cfg \
            -chardev socket,id=usbredirchardev,host=localhost,port=4000 \
            -device usb-redir,chardev=usbredirchardev,id=usbredirdev

qemu 0.15.0 tries to attach the redirected usb 2.0 device to the
uhci bus instead of to the ehci one and if yes, how can I fix that?

 Thanx! :)
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