on 14/12/2011 23:56 Hans Petter Selasky said the following:
> On Wednesday 14 December 2011 16:37:50 Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> So, Hans Petter, do you recall any details of this problem?
>> I am curious about which thread got starved by which.
> From what I know this was 100% reproducible.
> Remove the ukbd_yield() when at the mountroot prompt. Result: cannot type any 
> keys. No USB devices will enumerate!

This hasn't satisfied my curiosity :)

>> BTW, given your recent improvements to pause(9) what do you think about
>> further extending it to also use DELAY(9) when kdb_active is set or when
>> SCHEDULER_STOPPED() is true? 
> I think this is a good idea. It already checks for "cold". USB usually 
> doesn't 
> use this function though when polling.
>> Then, probably, pause(9) could be used for
>> both branches in ukbd_do_poll and they could be collapsed together.

Hmm... I looked at the history of ukbd.c (which I should have done from the very
start) and I see two relevant revisions:

So, first use of pause(9) was introduced to work around current broken syscons
polling mechanism.  Then pause(9) was replaced with the hand-rolled yield to fix
a problem at shutdown, which supposedly was caused by times being stopped.

None of the commits seems to be directly related to thread priorities.  I
suspect that even DELAY(9) could have worked in the place of the pause/yield.
Also, I do not see any mentioning of the mountroot context in the commits.  Not
sure why I even assumed that it was relevant.

BTW, maybe we should have a 'cold again' flag for late stages of system 

So, all in all, I believe in the following two things:

1. kern_yield can be used instead of ukbd_yield with any argument

1.1. DELAY() can be used instead of ukbd_yield too

2. all that special code should not be needed once I commit the patches that I
have recently posted to arch@ (I do intend to commit them).  In that case the
keyboard drivers would be properly put into the polling mode instead of the
current situation where the polling mode is repeatedly entered and exited when
kernel needs some input.

Maybe you recall/know more than you wrote above and I have missed something
obvious that you can point out?

Andriy Gapon
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