I am currently experiencing some problems with USB. I have a SATA hdd connected 
to my computer with a USB adapter. When using rtorrent on a good connection 
with 2-3 MB/s after a minute or two all file system operations on the USB hdd 
get stalled from time to time for several seconds. Finally after 3-4 minutes 
all operations get stalled and when I unplug the drive most of the time my 
computer reboots. I am using FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE #0: Sat Oct 22 16:07:57 CEST 
2011. I am not experiencing this problems when not having rtorrent on: watching 
a movie, compiling ports ... etc. The stall seems also to occur when rtorrent 
is checking the hashes. Btw I have tried the same with a USB flash drive and am 
experiencing the same kind of stall when doing rtorrent.

Since I don't seem to have had the same kind of problems 1 or 2 years ago with 
FreeBSD 8.x and the same drive with the same adapter, I would guess that some 
regression has been introduced or my hardware does not work properly any more.

Moreover I need to connect the drive to my laptop before powering up the 
FreeBSD otherwise it sees sometimes only a USB device with no drive attached to 
it and "camcontrol rescan all" gets stalled until I unplug the drive. I am not 
experiencing this particular problem when connecting the drive via a USB hub to 
my laptop.

Does somebody have a solution for one of the above?

Please CC me since I am not subscribed.

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