Robert Raven wrote:
> Hi Julian
> Two of us had a strong connection to Ernst and are greatly saddened to
> learn of his death.
> Is there someone who can inform us more about what happened to this
> apparently indomitable man?
> Thanks
> Robert

Hi Robert, Wendy, Hans P.S.
Please see my
I just added Robert, Wendy to  friends of Ernst list
Not sure if Hans would want that so didn't add him,
but he's welcome, it's available to any of Ernst's friends
via     majordomo@ & alternate interface
On that list we're planning travel to memorial service soon.

PS Hans re. 
> You should try to get an obduction report if he just died like that.
Yes thanks, my thought too, (& when I peg it I'd like someone to
check if I snuffed it naturally, or was 'helped' on my way ;-). A good
programmer considers all possibilities however remote :-) However
we believe it was natural, ill health.

Others of his good friends I've bcc'd, Norbert P & Gary J, we were all 3
good friends of Ernst, & are all on

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultants Munich
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