On Thursday 15 March 2012 12:13:12 Andrew Reilly wrote:
> Hi,
> Unrelated, I think, but since Hans is here:
> Since (I think) the switch-over to 9_STABLE (or at least at about the time
> of the 9.0 release) my i3 headless server box does not restart (shutdown
> -r) successfully.  When I plug a keyboard and screen into it, to see what
> is going on, the last thing on the screen is always something about usb. 
> Besides the keyboard (in this situation) the only USB device in the system
> is an external (WD) hard drive.  Anything I can usefully report or analyse
> to figure out what is going wrong?  The present situation isn't
> immediately fatal, because the hang doesn't seem to happen until all of
> the file system buffers have been flushed, so the reboot is ultimately
> clean, but it requires me to reset the box from the switch on the front:
> not good for doing remotely...


Is the external USB hard drive mounted when the system is shutting down.

Most likely some device driver is not detaching. I've seen and notified 
Alexander Motin about some of these, but we don't know yet who is refcounting 
wrong, except that it is in CAM/SCSI.

There is a flag which you can set to avoid the this waiting:

sysctl hw.usb.no_shutdown_wait=1

It might work as a temporary workaround until umass is fixed.

Simply run a config loop with UMASS, and you'll see the eventual/hang and 
panic happening.

while true
usbconfig -d X.Y set_config 0
usbconfig -d X.Y set_config 1

> Hmm.  Could the ums0: line be an issue there?  I've never plugged a mouse
> into this box.

USB audio devices are also known to block, if an application has /dev/dsp 
opened still during shutdown.

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