Can anybody assist me with URLs/docs/whatever how to access USB device from
linux application running on freebsd 8.2?

I'm trying to get worked scanner which have binary-only linux driver for

The first trouble is that linux libusb searches for usb device entries in
/dev/bus/usb/<bus-no>/<dev>, and so it cannot search freebsd's
/deb/usb/n.m.k device list.

So, ok, it can be patched. But, there is a question: if I'll make patch to
change such behavior (change usb_os_find_devices and usb_os_find_busses in
linux.c from linusb-0.1 sources) and rebuild libusb as it is for linux
environment -- is it will be enough linuxulator? I mean, will linuxulator
translate correctly usb related ioctl calls?

On the other hand, maybe I am going wrong way at all? :) Maybe there is a
simple solution?

Antuan Avdioukhine
Tech.S.A. Llc
St.Petersburg, Russia.
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