At Wed, 6 Jun 2012 21:38:48 +0200,
Marc Fonvieille wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 07:30:37PM +0200, Momchil Ivanov wrote:
> > 
> > It's self powered, I will try USB reset if it happens with other data,
> > for the time being I am manually rsync-ing sub directories. The thing
> > is that it's reproducible if I try to rsync a certain folder. I will
> > check if I can pin it down to a certain file. Would be a pitty if it's
> > a firmware bug since I spent some money on the device.
> >
> Could you try your rsync with the --bwlimit=1000 option?
> -- 
> Marc

I will try that on the complete directory structure once I work my
self through manually selecting directories by letters. I get
approxiately 11.5 MBps on all directories that I've copied so far,
therefore I don't think that it's a bandwidth issue.

The HDD died when I issued rsync over a parent folder and rsync cried
amost immediately, so it probably has to do with the IO when creating
the list of files that need to be synchronized, i.e. path names + geli
+ bad firmware or a file that was on the list first + geli + bad
firmware. So if I am really lucky I will get the combination of geli +
file/directory that crashes the firmware of the USB HDD :)

Or maybe my USB hub just doesn't like this HDD, note that I've tried
to plug the cable of the HDD also directly into my laptop, when the
problem appeared, but there was no effect, so most probably it's the

I will let you know if I find something interesting or cry if
something breaks again :) btw it's a Hitachi Touro Desk 2TB with USB

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