I'm compiling a new kernel with those options as I type. Yes, this is very much reproduceable. If you look at the dmesg you will also see the previous reboot for the same reason but with a different device - a WLAN stick that also includes some mass storage for the windows driver and probably another for the mini-sd or whatever card fits in there.. The Pendrive I then used is a 64MB (yes, megabytes) so from that you can probably guess how ancient that thing is so it should not have any new and fancy options aka quirks ;). What I haven't tried yet is simply loading the module while no device is attached. I'll try that when I have the new kernel booted. It will take some time though since this is a 500MHz Geode.. I think I also saw a few other bugreports related to this issue maybe someone else already included a backtrace.
Thanks for looking into this,

Zitat von Hans Petter Selasky <hsela...@c2i.net>:


This sounds like a missing MODULE_DEPEND() issue or your pendrive is returning
an error code to some of the SCSI commands which is not handled properly.

Could you add these options to the kernel config file:

options         KDB                     # Kernel debugger related code
options         KDB_TRACE               # Print a stack trace for a panic

Then get full backtrace.

Is this issue reproducable. I cannot reproduce over here using a 9-stable
GENERIC kernel without "device umass".

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