On Sunday 05 August 2012 19:44:47 Sean Bruno wrote:
> Trying to update the qemu port this weekend and I see there are a lot of
> legacy usb things going on inside of host-bsd.c that need to be updated.
> I've started with the qemu git tree at git://git.qemu.org/qemu.git
> Specifically, I'm staring at hw/usb/host-bsd.c
> The main issues seem to be wrapped around its handling and setup of
> "SHORT_XFER" and its abuse of the old udi_devnames[] data in the
> deviceinfo structs.
> I've started with the attached diff. I'm pretty sure this is wrong.
> Let start with the abuse of udi_devnames in this code.  What's the best
> way for in usb-land to setup its emulated usb nonsense?
> http://people.freebsd.org/~sbruno/host-bsd.c.txt
> sean


You should try to use libusb for USB access, like the recently added XHCI 
driver in qemu. libusb20 is gives you the full power of the FreeBSD USB API. 
libusb10 is also good and also works under Linux ++.

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