On 01/14/2013 23:12, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
The problem is that the Nano transceiver also provides a keyboard, which is
set as default.

See /etc/devd.conf and:

# When a USB keyboard arrives, attach it as the console keyboard.
attach 100 {
         device-name "ukbd0";
         action "/etc/rc.d/syscons setkeyboard /dev/ukbd0";
detach 100 {
         device-name "ukbd0";
         action "/etc/rc.d/syscons setkeyboard /dev/kbd0";

Which probably should be updated.

Actually, disabling the above entries altogether also doesn't solve the problem. However, stopping devd daemon causes the problem to disappear. Even though devd.conf even didn't have those ukbd directives. I ran devd with -D flag, but log only shows the execution of 'syscons' and 'moused' when the mouse is plugged/unplugged.
Removing moused entries also doesn't solve the problem.

So devd does something that triggers this problem, even though it doesn't execute any commands. Looks like a mystery.

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