On 06/21/13 20:17, Mike Meyer wrote:
Sorry 'bout the extra emphasis there.

Anyway, the problem is not *simply* the sketch code. It could be
something in the Arduino bootloader violating a USB spec that Linux
doesn't care about and FreeBSD does. But mucking about with the user
code on the Arudino (i.e. - sketches) doesn't change anything: I get
the same behavior whether it's running a trivial Blink demo (pretty
much no libraries used at all) or a complete interactive shell:

It works as expected when connected to Linux running on a VBox VM,
with the umodem device always being present.

If I don't connect it to the VM, the umodem device appears when the
board is plugged in or reset, then disappears before the sketch starts


I think I have one of these devices at work. I can have a look if I have time next week. Possibly the Arduino needs a fix. Look for so-called spurious VBUS pullup toggling in the software of the Arduino.


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