On 21 June 2013 05:48, Ian Smith <smi...@nimnet.asn.au> wrote:

> No acpidump output on -stable or -acpi anyway .. likely best as an URL,
> if it comes down to ACPI.

Ok, I'll put it online in a sec.

> So the fingerprint reader, camera and bluetooth shown in your usbconfig
> don't serve as 'USB devices plugged in' in this regard?  Do they work ok
> after resume, or not?

they work after resume.

> No, the above are still on the suspend path, but logged on resume.  I
> don't know what CDBS or EXP0,1,3,4 are.  You've left out something like
> 'pci0:X:Y:0 Transition from D0 to D2' (or D3) before these ones, right?

Nope, nothing is left out. I can boot with -v to get _all_ of the
messages, if that'll help.

> I hope 'slept' message is still in 10, I've seen a few listed without,
> and they're very handy if there's any resume delay, as I had up to 8.2
> (plus exactly 60 seconds) unless I unloaded (in particular) UHCI and
> reloaded it on resume, needing a kernel w/out uhci, ohci and ehci,
> loading on boot and unload/reload in rc.suspend/resume.  This however
> was fixed by 9.1 for me, the first release where suspend/resume works
> flawlessly on the T23.  I haven't tried a recent 9-STABLE though.


> Well, the earlier resume issues on UHCI might still not be fixed?  You
> could try a kernel without UHCI, with the unload/reload dance ..

I just tried that. unloading/reloading uhci doesn't affect things -
the external ports are still powered down after a suspend/resume pass.


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