On 8 July 2013 11:19, John Baldwin <j...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> From sys/amd64/include/apicreg.h:

This system runs an i386 kernel.

> /* fields in ESR */
> #define APIC_ESR_SEND_CS_ERROR          0x00000001
> #define APIC_ESR_RECEIVE_CS_ERROR       0x00000002
> #define APIC_ESR_SEND_ACCEPT            0x00000004
> #define APIC_ESR_RECEIVE_ACCEPT         0x00000008
> #define APIC_ESR_SEND_ILLEGAL_VECTOR    0x00000020
> #define APIC_ESR_ILLEGAL_REGISTER       0x00000080
> Receive illegal vector (if look in Intel's SDM manuals) means it
> got an interrupt vector < 32 (probably zero).  Perhaps it asserted
> an interrupt in an I/O APIC before the I/O APIC was properly reset?
> Are you using MSI at all?

I think iwn uses MSI. I'm sure other hardware in here does. I can dig
through it and let you know.

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