Got a new one of these with the same model number as the previous versions, but 
still different behavior this time.

When you connect it, it says this:

usbd_setup_device_desc: getting device descriptor at addr 2 failed, 
ugen1.2: <Western Digital> at usbus1
umass0: <Western Digital My Passport 07A8, class 0/0, rev 2.10/10.33, addr 2> 
on usbus1
umass0:  SCSI over Bulk-Only; quirks = 0x0000
umass0:3:0:-1: Attached to scbus3
da0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 scbus3 target 0 lun 0
da0: <WD My Passport 07A8 1033> Fixed Direct Access SCSI-6 device 
da0: 1.000MB/s transfers
da0: 953837MB (1953458176 512 byte sectors: 255H 63S/T 121597C)
ses0 at umass-sim0 bus 0 scbus3 target 0 lun 1
ses0: <WD SES Device 1033> Fixed Enclosure Services SCSI-6 device 
ses0: 1.000MB/s transfers
ses0: SCSI-3 SES Device

The USB_ERR_STALLED thing is new.

The drive seems to work on some machines, but on at least one machine, nothing 
at all happens when you plug it in.  (Well, no messages, anyway.)

I've updated to 9.1-RELEASE-p4 but I don't think that has included any of the 
potential USB fixes, such as the patch here:

Any tests I can run to try to get this one figured out?

I can't work out a reasonable backup plan when every third drive (all of which 
have the same model number) doesn't function properly with FreeBSD.

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