> The stalled messages has nothing to do with the mass storage part. It simply 
> indicates that some error happened during a USB control request.The USB stack 
> will re-try this particular message, so it is not directly dangerous.

Well, the drive doesn't actually work on the other computer, so something 
important is wrong.  The fact that the other machine silently fails is maybe 
more telling?

> After many years in the USB game I feel a need to emphasize again, that many 
> of the mass storage related errors reported here are not a USB HOST problem. 
> There is a USB standard defined at www.usb.org, that we are trying to comply 
> to.

I totally respect that, but all these devices work with other OSs (which shall 
remain unnamed).  There's intellectual purity and then there's getting the 
freaking things to work.  How do these other OSs deal with the quirks?  Is it a 
matter of downloading piles of drivers?

I do like the idea of a FreeBSD Seal of Approval.  It would save us all a lot 
of time.

Any suggestion for fixing the problem?  (Other than the long term, but probably 
fruitless, suggestion of complaining to Western Digital?)

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