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Hello :-)


The atheros driver has the endpoint numbers hardcoded. I recommend using relative indexes for each interface. Should be trivial to fix. I'll leave that for the author of the uath driver.


ugen1.3: <ATHEROS> at usbus1
uath0: <ATHEROS USB WLAN, rev 2.00/2.02, addr 3> on usbus1
uath0: could not allocate USB transfers, err=USB_ERR_NO_PIPE
device_attach: uath0 attach returned 12

So it looks this driver will not operate with this chipset..?

Any hints appreciated! :-)

[1] http://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WN822N_v2
[2] http://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WN822N_v3

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