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Hello :-)

LibUSB 1.0 introduced Asyncrhonous I/O [1] which in conjuction with
LibFTDI 1.0 [2] gives significant performance improvement on FT2232*
based chips used in various UART/JTAG/SWD interfaces. I am working on
LibSWD [3] and would like to use this Asyncrhonous I/O on my FreeBSD
box. I know there is an internal BSD implementation of LibUSB, so my
question is it possible to use this Asynchronous I/O with FreeBSD
implementation of LibUSB, or more specifically is it possible to use
LibFTDI 1.0 to improve speed of my driver for FT2232 chip? :-)

Any hints appreciated! :-)

[1] http://www.libusb.org/wiki/libusb-1.0
[2] http://www.intra2net.com/en/developer/libftdi/
[3] http://libswd.sf.net


It is implemented and should work! Please note that you should not mix synchronous and asynchronous requests, with exception of control transfers. If you are programming a bulk endpoint, use either all synchronous or all asynchronous.

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