My UVC cam is not working with the musb_otg driver and
libusb(3) on the BeagleBone Black.

With the following changes to the musb_otg.c, it feels like
the transaction is performed as expected but the data
doesn't pass to the libusb_transfer's buffer. Does anyone
know what is wrong?

<               MUSB2_WRITE_1(sc, MUSB2_REG_RXNAKLIMIT, MAX_NAK_TO);
>               MUSB2_WRITE_1(sc, MUSB2_REG_RXNAKLIMIT, 0);
<       parm->hc_max_frame_size = 0x400;
>       parm->hc_max_frame_size = 0xc00;

SAITOU Toshihide
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