Hi Hans

Thanks but nothing of that makes any difference. Well, it's gonna be
difficult to find the diff I think... The oldest image I could find was
from May.

What I'm doing now is compiling a bootonly.iso of current with a xhci.h/c
that's reverted to 9.1 release version to see if that will boot.

Johannes Lundberg
BRILLIANTSERVICE CO., LTD. <http://www.brilliantservice.co.jp>

On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 7:22 PM, Hans Petter Selasky <h...@bitfrost.no>wrote:

> On 08/26/13 17:55, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
>> Just looked through the PR mail that came today and found possible
>> duplicates.
>> o usb/180726   usb        XHCI umass support breaks between r248085 and
>> r252560
>> o usb/179342   usb        Freebsd 10.0-current USB 3.0 not working
>> (xhci_do_coma
> Hi,
> What happens if you load xhci after reaching the boot prompt?
> Might also be worth trying:
> hw.usb.xhci.msi=0
> Are you able to bisect the 10-current code until you find the diff that
> broke it?
> --HPS
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