Hi everyone,

the following problem occurs on the amd64 version of

        FreeBSD 9.2-RC4,
        FreeBSD-10.0-ALPHA2, and

I simply can't use my keyboard (Lenovo Prefered Pro USB). I used the
FreeBSD memstick ISO to install the system. I had no problems using
the keyboard within the memstick version (bsdinstall, and so on). But on
the installed copy of FreeBSD I get the following error when I try to
attach the keyboard:

usb_alloc_device: device init 2 failed (USB_ERR_IOERROR, ignored)
ugen0.2: <Unknown> at usbus0 (disconnected)
hub_reattach_port: could not allocate new device

I had to set debug.acpi.disabled to "hostres" on all version, in order
to boot the system. [1]

This error does not occur on 9.1-RELEASE.

Mainboard: Intel DQ87PG (Keyboard is connected via the USB 2.0 port)
RAM: 32 GB

[1] http://www.freebsd.org/releases/9.0R/errata.html
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