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Have you tried to suspend that usb device?
I can't recall now how exactly this may be done on 8+. It is something
usbconfig -d 0.2 suspend
you can read man usbconfig about it.
On 7.x this may be done with upower utility that someone has posted
on this mailing list before (you may search list for it)
upower /dev/usb0 2 suspend

I investigated this because one day I've got new 32G pendrive with ram
cache on it. Only way to flush the cache was the above command.

> I have a possibly dumb question.  Is it possible to send a spindown
> command through USB to a SATA disk attached as umass?
> I like to spin down my disks before turning them off and with an
> ad-disk it's quite simple using camcontrol.
> I haven't been able figure how to do it through USB.
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