On 10/23/13 00:13, Brock Williams wrote:

We have some eGalax based touchscreens that we are trying to get
working with FreeBSD 9.2, eventually in Xorg.  They are PioneerPOS
TOM-M7 screens.

They appear to be the newer eGalax models that are at least somewhat
HID compliant.

I'm looking for someone who will help us out on a contract or
consulting basis to get them to work, and document it for others.   We
currently use EloTouch serial units that work fine but they are no
longer readily available...


I'm a bit busy nowadays. However, do you have the documentation for the protocol this device uses? Will you provide a hardware unit to the developer?

It might be that /usr/ports/multimedia/webcamd will pick this device up like a linux event device under "/dev". Only that the X-org part is missing for that. I've added quite some touchscreen drivers to webcamd.


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