On 10/28/13 10:37, Aurélien Croc de Suray wrote:
You can try to edit the "sys/dev/usb/serial/ulpt.c" driver and remove
the reading of the status message.

Please can you be more precise? I'm not sure what to do. And do you think this
will solve the reading / writing problem?

I think your device might be counterfeit, given the bad spelling of the
manufacturer. This string comes from the device itself.

Well, very nice... I bought it in a famous computer shop..

Thank you again for your help


Look for function "ulpt_watchdog()":

static void
ulpt_watchdog(void *arg)
        struct ulpt_softc *sc = arg;

        mtx_assert(&sc->sc_mtx, MA_OWNED);

#if 0 /* add this */

         * Only read status while the device is not opened, due to
         * possible hardware or firmware bug in some printers.
        if (sc->sc_fflags == 0)

#endif /* add this */

            hz, &ulpt_watchdog, sc);

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