On 12/04/13 09:24, Edwin Groothuis - FreeBSD wrote:
On 3/12/13 22:08 , Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 12/03/13 11:28, Edwin Groothuis - FreeBSD wrote:

I am the proud owner of a Huawei K4606 3G USB dongle and guess... It
doesn't work. In the past I managed to get the E220 and E169 working, so
I thought that this would be possible to.

Boy was I wrong :-(


Try to google for existing quirks using the VID and PID values.

I found out that the device doesn't act as a serial port but an ethernet

bInterfaceClass is 2 (UICLASS_CDC)
bInterfaceSubClass is 14 (undefined in usb.h)

Reading up on various other forums, they talk about using it as an
Ethernet device:
"and shows up as a USB ethernet device after modeswitching"

According to the spec from Vodafone, this is a HiSilicon Balong 520 chipset.

I think I'm stuck here...
Unless somebody has a good idea where to go next?
I'm open to experiment for the next 25 days :-)


Have a look at if_cdce.c

Should support your device, probably the NCM protocol.

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