The following reply was made to PR usb/182936; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: (dfilter service)
Subject: Re: usb/182936: commit references a PR
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 09:07:19 +0000 (UTC)

 Author: hselasky
 Date: Mon Dec 16 09:07:09 2013
 New Revision: 259457
   MFC r238274, r246752, r256720, r256721, r256722, r256955, r257409
    r257429, r257435, r257712, r257732, r257743, r257748, r257955
    r257957, r257958, r258082, r258641, r258643, r258732, r258733,
    r258840, r258919, r258921, r259029, r259030, r259031, r259032 and r259046:
   - Add support for the MediaTek/Ralink RT5370/RT5372 chipset.
   - Various minor USB WLAN fixes and improvements.
   PR:     usb/182936
 Directory Properties:
   stable/9/sys/   (props changed)
   stable/9/sys/dev/   (props changed)
 Modified: stable/9/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
 --- stable/9/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs       Mon Dec 16 08:56:45 2013        
 +++ stable/9/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs       Mon Dec 16 09:07:09 2013        
 @@ -569,10 +569,12 @@ vendor FALCOM            0x0f94  Falcom Wireless Co
  vendor RIM            0x0fca  Research In Motion
  vendor DYNASTREAM     0x0fcf  Dynastream Innovations
  vendor LARSENBRUSGAARD        0x0fd8  Larsen and Brusgaard
 +vendor OWL            0x0fde  OWL
  vendor KONTRON                0x0fe6  Kontron AG
  vendor QUALCOMM               0x1004  Qualcomm
  vendor APACER         0x1005  Apacer
  vendor MOTOROLA4      0x100d  Motorola
 +vendor HP3            0x103c  Hewlett Packard
  vendor AIRPLUS                0x1011  Airplus
  vendor DESKNOTE               0x1019  Desknote
  vendor NEC3           0x1033  NEC
 @@ -584,6 +586,7 @@ vendor CCYU                0x1065  CCYU Technology
  vendor CURITEL                0x106c  Curitel Communications Inc
  vendor SILABS2                0x10a6  SILABS2
  vendor USI            0x10ab  USI
 +vendor LIEBERT2               0x10af  Liebert
  vendor PLX            0x10b5  PLX
  vendor ASANTE         0x10bd  Asante
  vendor SILABS         0x10c4  Silicon Labs
 @@ -652,6 +655,8 @@ vendor OWEN                0x1555  Owen
  vendor OQO            0x1557  OQO
  vendor UMEDIA         0x157e  U-MEDIA Communications
  vendor FIBERLINE      0x1582  Fiberline
 +vendor FREESCALE      0x15a2  Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
 +vendor AFATECH                0x15a4  Afatech Technologies, Inc.
  vendor SPARKLAN               0x15a9  SparkLAN
  vendor OLIMEX         0x15ba  Olimex
  vendor SOUNDGRAPH     0x15c2  Soundgraph, Inc.
 @@ -692,8 +697,9 @@ vendor QUALCOMMINC 0x19d2  Qualcomm, Inco
  vendor BAYER          0x1a79  Bayer
  vendor WCH2           0x1a86  QinHeng Electronics
  vendor STELERA                0x1a8d  Stelera Wireless
 +vendor SEL            0x1adb  Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  vendor CORSAIR                0x1b1c  Corsair
 -vendor MATRIXORBITAL  0x1b3d  Matrix Orbital 
 +vendor MATRIXORBITAL  0x1b3d  Matrix Orbital
  vendor OVISLINK               0x1b75  OvisLink
  vendor TML            0x1b91  The Mobility Lab
  vendor TCTMOBILE      0x1bbb  TCT Mobile
 @@ -712,6 +718,7 @@ vendor METAGEEK2   0x1dd5  MetaGeek
  vendor ALINK          0x1e0e  Alink
  vendor AIRTIES                0x1eda  AirTies
  vendor FESTO          0x1e29  Festo
 +vendor LAKESHORE      0x1fb9  Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
  vendor VERTEX         0x1fe7  Vertex Wireless Co., Ltd.
  vendor DLINK          0x2001  D-Link
  vendor PLANEX2                0x2019  Planex Communications
 @@ -721,10 +728,13 @@ vendor ENCORE            0x203d  Encore
  vendor QIHARDWARE     0x20b7  QI-hardware
  vendor PARA           0x20b8  PARA Industrial
  vendor SIMTEC         0x20df  Simtec Electronics
 +vendor TRENDNET               0x20f4  TRENDnet
  vendor RTSYSTEMS      0x2100  RTSYSTEMS
  vendor VIALABS                0x2109  VIA Labs
  vendor ERICSSON               0x2282  Ericsson
  vendor MOTOROLA2      0x22b8  Motorola
 +vendor WETELECOM      0x22de  WeTelecom
 +vendor WESTMOUNTAIN   0x2405  West Mountain Radio
  vendor TRIPPLITE      0x2478  Tripp-Lite
  vendor HIROSE         0x2631  Hirose Electric
  vendor NHJ            0x2770  NHJ
 @@ -742,6 +752,7 @@ vendor IRIVER              0x4102  iRiver
  vendor DELL           0x413c  Dell
  vendor WCH            0x4348  QinHeng Electronics
  vendor ACEECA         0x4766  Aceeca
 +vendor FEIXUN         0x4855  FeiXun Communication
  vendor PAPOUCH                0x5050  Papouch products
  vendor AVERATEC               0x50c2  Averatec
  vendor SWEEX          0x5173  Sweex
 @@ -757,6 +768,7 @@ vendor INTEL2              0x8087  Intel
  vendor ALLWIN         0x8516  ALLWIN Tech
  vendor SITECOM2               0x9016  Sitecom
  vendor MOSCHIP                0x9710  MosChip Semiconductor
 +vendor NETGEAR4               0x9846  Netgear
  vendor MARVELL                0x9e88  Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
  vendor 3COM3          0xa727  3Com
  vendor EVOLUTION      0xdeee  Evolution Robotics products
 @@ -814,6 +826,9 @@ product ABOCOM HWU54DM             0xb21b  HWU54DM
  product ABOCOM RT2573_2               0xb21c  RT2573
  product ABOCOM RT2573_3               0xb21d  RT2573
  product ABOCOM RT2573_4               0xb21e  RT2573
 +product ABOCOM RTL8188CU_1    0x8188  RTL8188CU
 +product ABOCOM RTL8188CU_2    0x8189  RTL8188CU
 +product ABOCOM RTL8192CU      0x8178  RTL8192CU
  product ABOCOM WUG2700                0xb21f  WUG2700
  /* Acton Research Corp. */
 @@ -841,6 +856,7 @@ product    ACCTON RT3070_2         0xa702  RT3070
  product ACCTON RT2870_1               0xb522  RT2870
  product       ACCTON RT3070_3         0xc522  RT3070
  product       ACCTON RT3070_5         0xd522  RT3070
 +product ACCTON RTL8192SU        0xc512  RTL8192SU
  product ACCTON ZD1211B                0xe501  ZD1211B
  /* Aceeca products */
 @@ -918,6 +934,9 @@ product ADS UBS10BTX               0x0009  UBS-10BT Et
  /* AEI products */
  product AEI FASTETHERNET      0x1701  Fast Ethernet
 +/* Afatech Technologies, Inc. */
 +product AFATECH AFATECH1336   0x1336  Flash Card Reader
  /* Agate Technologies products */
  product AGATE QDRIVE          0x0378  Q-Drive
 @@ -1123,6 +1142,9 @@ product ASUS RT2870_4            0x1760  RT2870
  product ASUS RT2870_5         0x1761  RT2870
  product       ASUS USBN13             0x1784  USB-N13
  product       ASUS RT3070_1           0x1790  RT3070
 +product ASUS USBN10           0x1786  USB-N10
 +product ASUS RTL8192CU                0x17ab  RTL8192CU
 +product ASUS RTL8192SU                0x1791  RTL8192SU
  product ASUS A730W            0x4202  ASUS MyPal A730W
  product ASUS P535             0x420f  ASUS P535 PDA
  product       ASUS GMSC               0x422f  ASUS Generic Mass Storage
 @@ -1170,6 +1192,14 @@ product AZUREWAVE RT2870_2      0x3262  RT2870
  product AZUREWAVE RT3070_1    0x3273  RT3070
  product       AZUREWAVE RT3070_2      0x3284  RT3070
  product       AZUREWAVE RT3070_3      0x3305  RT3070
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CU   0x3357  RTL8188CU
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CE_1 0x3358  RTL8188CE
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CE_2 0x3359  RTL8188CE
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_1 0x3306  RTL8192SU
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_2 0x3309  RTL8192SU
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_3 0x3310  RTL8192SU
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_4 0x3311  RTL8192SU
 +product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_5 0x3325  RTL8192SU
  /* Baltech products */
  product BALTECH CARDREADER    0x9999  Card reader
 @@ -1212,6 +1242,9 @@ product BELKIN F5U257            0x0257  F5U257 Ser
  product BELKIN F5U409         0x0409  F5U409 Serial
  product BELKIN F6C550AVR      0x0551  F6C550-AVR UPS
  product BELKIN F5U120         0x1203  F5U120-PC Hub
 +product BELKIN RTL8188CU      0x1102  RTL8188CU Wireless Adapter
 +product BELKIN RTL8192CU      0x2102  RTL8192CU Wireless Adapter
 +product BELKIN F7D2102                0x2103  F7D2102 Wireless Adapter
  product BELKIN ZD1211B                0x4050  ZD1211B
  product BELKIN F5D5055                0x5055  F5D5055
  product BELKIN F5D7050                0x7050  F5D7050 Wireless Adapter
 @@ -1223,6 +1256,9 @@ product BELKIN F5D7050E          0x705e  F5D7050E
  product BELKIN RT2870_1               0x8053  RT2870
  product BELKIN RT2870_2               0x805c  RT2870
  product BELKIN F5D8053V3      0x815c  F5D8053 v3
 +product BELKIN RTL8192SU_1    0x815f  RTL8192SU
 +product BELKIN RTL8192SU_2    0x845a  RTL8192SU
 +product BELKIN RTL8192SU_3    0x945a  RTL8192SU
  product BELKIN F5D8055                0x825a  F5D8055
  product BELKIN F5D8055V2      0x825b  F5D8055 v2
  product BELKIN F5D9050V3      0x905b  F5D9050 ver 3 Wireless Adapter
 @@ -1292,6 +1328,11 @@ product CHIC CYPRESS            0x0003  Cypress USB
  product CHICONY KB8933                0x0001  KB-8933 keyboard
  product CHICONY KU0325                0x0116  KU-0325 keyboard
  product CHICONY CNF7129               0xb071  Notebook Web Camera
 +product       CHICONY RTL8188CUS_1    0xaff7  RTL8188CUS
 +product       CHICONY RTL8188CUS_2    0xaff8  RTL8188CUS
 +product       CHICONY RTL8188CUS_3    0xaff9  RTL8188CUS
 +product       CHICONY RTL8188CUS_4    0xaffa  RTL8188CUS
 +product       CHICONY RTL8188CUS_5    0xaffa  RTL8188CUS
  product CHICONY2 TWINKLECAM   0x600d  TwinkleCam USB camera
  /* CH Products */
 @@ -1345,6 +1386,9 @@ product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_1    0x7801  AR5
  product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_1_NF      0x7802  AR5523 (no firmware)
  product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_2 0x7811  AR5523
  product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_2_NF      0x7812  AR5523 (no firmware)
 +product CONCEPTRONIC2 RTL8192SU_1     0x3300  RTL8192SU
 +product CONCEPTRONIC2 RTL8192SU_2     0x3301  RTL8192SU
 +product CONCEPTRONIC2 RTL8192SU_3     0x3302  RTL8192SU
  product CONCEPTRONIC2 C54RU   0x3c02  C54RU WLAN
  product CONCEPTRONIC2 C54RU2  0x3c22  C54RU
  product CONCEPTRONIC2 RT3070_1        0x3c08  RT3070
 @@ -1381,6 +1425,8 @@ product COREGA RT2870_2          0x003c  RT2870
  product COREGA RT2870_3               0x003f  RT2870
  product COREGA RT3070         0x0041  RT3070
  product COREGA CGWLUSB300GNM  0x0042  CG-WLUSB300GNM
 +product COREGA RTL8192SU        0x0047  RTL8192SU
 +product COREGA RTL8192CU      0x0056  RTL8192CU
  product COREGA WLUSB_11_STICK 0x7613  WLAN USB Stick 11
  product COREGA FETHER_USB_TXC 0x9601  FEther USB-TXC
 @@ -1491,6 +1537,7 @@ product DIGIANSWER ZIGBEE802154  0x000a  Z
  /* D-Link products */
  /*product DLINK DSBS25                0x0100  DSB-S25 serial*/
  product DLINK DUBE100         0x1a00  10/100 Ethernet
 +product DLINK DUBE100C1               0x1a02  DUB-E100 rev C1
  product DLINK DSB650TX4               0x200c  10/100 Ethernet
  product DLINK DWL120E         0x3200  DWL-120 rev E
  product DLINK DWL122          0x3700  DWL-122
 @@ -1506,6 +1553,9 @@ product DLINK DWLG122            0x3c00  DWL-G122 b
  product DLINK DUBE100B1               0x3c05  DUB-E100 rev B1
  product DLINK RT2870          0x3c09  RT2870
  product DLINK RT3072          0x3c0a  RT3072
 +product DLINK DWA140B3                0x3c15  DWA-140 rev B3
 +product DLINK DWA160B2                0x3c1a  DWA-160 rev B2
 +product DLINK DWA127          0x3c1b  DWA-127 Wireless Adapter
  product DLINK DSB650C         0x4000  10Mbps Ethernet
  product DLINK DSB650TX1               0x4001  10/100 Ethernet
  product DLINK DSB650TX                0x4002  10/100 Ethernet
 @@ -1516,6 +1566,14 @@ product DLINK DSB650            0xabc1  10/100 Ethe
  product DLINK DUBH7           0xf103  DUB-H7 USB 2.0 7-Port Hub
  product DLINK DWR510_CD               0xa805  DWR-510 CD-ROM Mode
  product DLINK DWR510          0x7e12  DWR-510
 +product DLINK RTL8188CU               0x3308  RTL8188CU
 +product       DLINK RTL8192CU_1       0x3307  RTL8192CU
 +product       DLINK RTL8192CU_2       0x3309  RTL8192CU
 +product       DLINK RTL8192CU_3       0x330a  RTL8192CU
 +product       DLINK DWA131B           0x330d  DWA-131 rev B
 +product DLINK2 RTL8192SU_1    0x3300  RTL8192SU
 +product DLINK2 RTL8192SU_2    0x3302  RTL8192SU
 +product DLINK2 DWA131A1               0x3303  DWA-131 A1
  product DLINK2 DWA120         0x3a0c  DWA-120
  product DLINK2 DWA120_NF      0x3a0d  DWA-120 (no firmware)
  product DLINK2 DWLG122C1      0x3c03  DWL-G122 c1
 @@ -1552,9 +1610,14 @@ product DYNASTREAM ANTDEVBOARD2 0x1006  A
  /* Edimax products */
  product EDIMAX EW7318USG      0x7318  USB Wireless dongle
 +product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_1    0x7611  RTL8192SU
 +product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_2    0x7612  RTL8192SU
 +product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_3    0x7622  RTL8192SU
  product EDIMAX RT2870_1               0x7711  RT2870
  product EDIMAX EW7717         0x7717  EW-7717
  product EDIMAX EW7718         0x7718  EW-7718
 +product EDIMAX EW7811UN               0x7811  EW-7811Un
 +product       EDIMAX RTL8192CU        0x7822  RTL8192CU
  /* eGalax Products */
  product EGALAX TPANEL         0x0001  Touch Panel
 @@ -1687,6 +1750,10 @@ product FEIYA 5IN1              0x1132  5-in-1 Card R
  product FEIYA ELANGO          0x6200  MicroSDHC Card Reader
  product FEIYA AC110           0x6300  AC-110 Card Reader
 +/* FeiXun Communication products */
 +product FEIXUN RTL8188CU      0x0090  RTL8188CU
 +product FEIXUN RTL8192CU      0x0091  RTL8192CU
  /* Festo */
  product FESTO CPX_USB         0x0102  CPX-USB
  product FESTO CMSP            0x0501  CMSP
 @@ -1718,6 +1785,7 @@ product FTDI SERIAL_8U232AM4     0x6004  8U23
  product FTDI SERIAL_232RL     0x6006  FT232RL Serial
  product FTDI SERIAL_2232C     0x6010  FT2232C Dual port Serial
  product FTDI 232H             0x6014  FTDI compatible adapter
 +product FTDI 232EX            0x6015  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI SERIAL_2232D     0x9e90  FT2232D Dual port Serial
  product FTDI SERIAL_4232H     0x6011  FT4232H Quad port Serial
  product FTDI BEAGLEBONE               0xa6d0  BeagleBone
 @@ -1875,6 +1943,7 @@ product FTDI IRTRANS             0xfc60  FTDI compat
  product FTDI LENZ_LIUSB               0xd780  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI LM3S_DEVEL_BOARD 0xbcd8  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI LM3S_EVAL_BOARD  0xbcd9  FTDI compatible adapter
 +product FTDI LM3S_ICDI_B_BOARD        0xbcda  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI MASTERDEVEL2     0xf449  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI MHAM_DB9         0xeeed  FTDI compatible adapter
  product FTDI MHAM_IC          0xeeec  FTDI compatible adapter
 @@ -2038,6 +2107,9 @@ product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254      0xe000  HWGUS
  product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254LB 0xe010  HWGUSB2-54-LB
  product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254V2AP       0xe020  HWGUSB2-54V2-AP
  product GUILLEMOT HWNU300     0xe030  HWNU-300
 +product GUILLEMOT HWNUM300    0xe031  HWNUm-300
 +product GUILLEMOT HWGUN54     0xe032  HWGUn-54
 +product GUILLEMOT HWNUP150    0xe033  HWNUP-150
  /* Hagiwara products */
  product HAGIWARA FGSM         0x0002  FlashGate SmartMedia Card Reader
 @@ -2061,7 +2133,10 @@ product HAWKING RT2870_1        0x0001  RT2870
  product HAWKING RT2870_2      0x0003  RT2870
  product HAWKING HWUN2         0x0009  HWUN2
  product HAWKING RT3070                0x000b  RT3070
 +product HAWKING RTL8192CU     0x0019  RTL8192CU
  product HAWKING UF100         0x400c  10/100 USB Ethernet
 +product HAWKING RTL8192SU_1   0x0015  RTL8192SU
 +product HAWKING RTL8192SU_2   0x0016  RTL8192SU
  /* HID Global GmbH products */
  product HIDGLOBAL CM2020      0x0596  Omnikey Cardman 2020
 @@ -2110,6 +2185,7 @@ product HP 5400C         0x1005  Scanjet 5400C
  product HP 2215                       0x1016  iPAQ 22xx/Jornada 548
  product HP 568J                       0x1116  Jornada 568
  product HP 930C                       0x1204  DeskJet 930c
 +product HP3 RTL8188CU         0x1629  RTL8188CU
  product HP P2000U             0x1801  Inkjet P-2000U
  product HP HS2300             0x1e1d  HS2300 HSDPA (aka MC8775)
  product HP 640C                       0x2004  DeskJet 640c
 @@ -2418,6 +2494,27 @@ product KYOCERA2 KPC680         0x180a  Qualcomm
  product LACIE HD              0xa601  Hard Disk
  product LACIE CDRW            0xa602  CD R/W
 +/* Lake Shore Cryotronics products */
 +product LAKESHORE 121         0x0100  121 Current Source
 +product LAKESHORE 218A                0x0200  218A Temperature Monitor
 +product LAKESHORE 219         0x0201  219 Temperature Monitor
 +product LAKESHORE 233         0x0202  233 Temperature Transmitter
 +product LAKESHORE 235         0x0203  235 Temperature Transmitter
 +product LAKESHORE 335         0x0300  335 Temperature Controller
 +product LAKESHORE 336         0x0301  336 Temperature Controller
 +product LAKESHORE 350         0x0302  350 Temperature Controller
 +product LAKESHORE 371         0x0303  371 AC Bridge
 +product LAKESHORE 411         0x0400  411 Handheld Gaussmeter
 +product LAKESHORE 425         0x0401  425 Gaussmeter
 +product LAKESHORE 455A                0x0402  455A DSP Gaussmeter
 +product LAKESHORE 475A                0x0403  475A DSP Gaussmeter
 +product LAKESHORE 465         0x0404  465 Gaussmeter
 +product LAKESHORE 625A                0x0600  625A Magnet PSU
 +product LAKESHORE 642A                0x0601  642A Magnet PSU
 +product LAKESHORE 648         0x0602  648 Magnet PSU
 +product LAKESHORE 737         0x0700  737 VSM Controller
 +product LAKESHORE 776         0x0701  776 Matrix Switch
  /* Larsen and Brusgaard products */
  product LARSENBRUSGAARD ALTITRACK     0x0001  FTDI compatible adapter
 @@ -2436,6 +2533,7 @@ product LEXMARK S2450            0x0009  Optra S 24
  /* Liebert products */
  product LIEBERT POWERSURE_PXT 0xffff  PowerSure Personal XT
 +product LIEBERT2 PSI1000      0x0004  UPS PSI 1000 FW:08
  /* Link Instruments Inc. products */
  product       LINKINSTRUMENTS MSO19   0xf190  Link Instruments MSO-19
 @@ -2471,6 +2569,7 @@ product LOGITECH M4848           0x0301  M4848 mou
  product LOGITECH PAGESCAN     0x040f  PageScan
  product LOGITECH QUICKCAMWEB  0x0801  QuickCam Web
  product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO  0x0810  QuickCam Pro
 +product LOGITECH WEBCAMC100   0X0817  Webcam C100
  product LOGITECH QUICKCAMEXP  0x0840  QuickCam Express
  product LOGITECH QUICKCAM     0x0850  QuickCam
  product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO3 0x0990  QuickCam Pro 9000
 @@ -3007,6 +3106,7 @@ product NETAC ONLYDISK           0x0003  OnlyDisk
  /* NetChip Technology Products */
  product NETCHIP TURBOCONNECT  0x1080  Turbo-Connect
  product NETCHIP CLIK_40               0xa140  USB Clik! 40
 +product NETCHIP GADGETZERO    0xa4a0  Linux Gadget Zero
  product NETCHIP ETHERNETGADGET        0xa4a2  Linux Ethernet/RNDIS gadget on 
  /* Netgear products */
 @@ -3014,11 +3114,14 @@ product NETGEAR EA101          0x1001  Ethernet
  product NETGEAR EA101X                0x1002  Ethernet
  product NETGEAR FA101         0x1020  Ethernet 10/100, USB1.1
  product NETGEAR FA120         0x1040  USB 2.0 Ethernet
 +product NETGEAR M4100         0x1100  M4100/M5300/M7100 series switch
  product NETGEAR WG111V2_2     0x4240  PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
  product NETGEAR WG111V3               0x4260  WG111v3
  product NETGEAR WG111U                0x4300  WG111U
  product NETGEAR WG111U_NF     0x4301  WG111U (no firmware)
  product NETGEAR WG111V2               0x6a00  WG111V2
 +product NETGEAR RTL8192CU     0x9021  RTL8192CU
 +product NETGEAR WNA1000M      0x9041  WNA1000M
  product NETGEAR2 MA101                0x4100  MA101
  product NETGEAR2 MA101B               0x4102  MA101 Rev B
  product NETGEAR3 WG111T               0x4250  WG111T
 @@ -3026,6 +3129,7 @@ product NETGEAR3 WG111T_NF       0x4251  WG111T
  product NETGEAR3 WPN111               0x5f00  WPN111
  product NETGEAR3 WPN111_NF    0x5f01  WPN111 (no firmware)
  product NETGEAR3 WPN111_2     0x5f02  WPN111
 +product NETGEAR4 RTL8188CU    0x9041  RTL8188CU
  /* NetIndex products */
  product NETINDEX WS002IN      0x2001  Willcom WS002IN
 @@ -3041,6 +3145,7 @@ product NIKON D300               0x041a  Digital Came
  /* NovaTech Products */
  product NOVATECH NV902                0x9020  NovaTech NV-902W
  product NOVATECH RT2573               0x9021  RT2573
 +product NOVATECH RTL8188CU    0x9071  RTL8188CU
  /* Nokia products */
  product NOKIA N958GB          0x0070  Nokia N95 8GBc
 @@ -3146,6 +3251,7 @@ product OPTION GMT382            0x7501  Globetrott
  product OPTION GE40X_1                0x7301  Globetrotter HSUPA
  product OPTION GE40X_2                0x7361  Globetrotter HSUPA
  product OPTION GE40X_3                0x7381  Globetrotter HSUPA
 +product OPTION GTM661W                0x9000  GTM661W
  product OPTION ICONEDGE               0xc031  GlobeSurfer iCON EDGE
  product OPTION MODHSXPA               0xd013  Globetrotter HSUPA
  product OPTION ICON321                0xd031  Globetrotter HSUPA
 @@ -3174,6 +3280,9 @@ product OTI DKU5         0x6858  DKU-5 Serial
  /* products */
  product OWEN AC4              0x0004  AC4 USB-RS485 converter
 +/* OWL producs */
 +product OWL CM_160            0xca05  OWL CM-160 power monitor
  /* Palm Computing, Inc. product */
  product PALM SERIAL           0x0080  USB Serial
  product PALM M500             0x0001  Palm m500
 @@ -3269,8 +3378,14 @@ product PIENGINEERING PS2USB    0x020b  PS2 
  /* Planex Communications products */
  product PLANEX GW_US11H               0x14ea  GW-US11H WLAN
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8188CUS    0x1201  RTL8188CUS
  product PLANEX2 GW_US11S      0x3220  GW-US11S WLAN
  product PLANEX2 GW_US54GXS    0x5303  GW-US54GXS WLAN
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_1   0xab2a  RTL8188CU
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_2   0xed17  RTL8188CU
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_3   0x4902  RTL8188CU
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_4   0xab2e  RTL8188CU
 +product PLANEX2 RTL8192CU     0xab2b  RTL8192CU
  product PLANEX2 GWUS54HP      0xab01  GW-US54HP
  product PLANEX2 GWUS300MINIS  0xab24  GW-US300MiniS
  product PLANEX2       RT3070          0xab25  RT3070
 @@ -3286,6 +3401,7 @@ product PLANEX2 GWUSVALUEEZ      0xed17  GW-US
  product PLANEX3 GWUS54GZ      0xab10  GW-US54GZ
  product PLANEX3 GU1000T               0xab11  GU-1000T
  product PLANEX3 GWUS54MINI    0xab13  GW-US54Mini
 +product PLANEX2 GWUSNANO      0xab28  GW-USNano
  /* Plextor Corp. */
  product PLEXTOR 40_12_40U     0x0011  PlexWriter 40/12/40U
 @@ -3488,6 +3604,7 @@ product RALINK RT3072            0x3072  RT3072
  product RALINK RT3370         0x3370  RT3370
  product RALINK RT3572         0x3572  RT3572
  product RALINK RT5370         0x5370  RT5370
 +product RALINK RT5572         0x5572  RT5572
  product RALINK RT8070         0x8070  RT8070
  product RALINK RT2570_3               0x9020  RT2500USB Wireless Adapter
  product RALINK RT2573_2               0x9021  RT2501USB Wireless Adapter
 @@ -3496,15 +3613,35 @@ product RALINK RT2573_2                0x9021  RT2501US
  product RATOC REXUSB60                0xb000  USB serial adapter REX-USB60
  product RATOC REXUSB60F               0xb020  USB serial adapter REX-USB60F
 -/* ReakTek products */
 +/* Realtek products */
  /* Green House and CompUSA OEM this part */
  product REALTEK DUMMY         0x0000  Dummy product
  product REALTEK USB20CRW      0x0158  USB20CRW Card Reader
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CTV      0x018a  RTL8188CTV
  product REALTEK USBKR100      0x8150  USBKR100 USB Ethernet
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CE_0     0x8170  RTL8188CE
 +product REALTEK RTL8171               0x8171  RTL8171
 +product REALTEK RTL8172               0x8172  RTL8172
 +product REALTEK RTL8173               0x8173  RTL8173
 +product REALTEK RTL8174               0x8174  RTL8174
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CE_1     0x817e  RTL8188CE
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CU_0     0x8176  RTL8188CU
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CU_1     0x817a  RTL8188CU
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CU_2     0x817b  RTL8188CU
  product REALTEK RTL8187               0x8187  RTL8187 Wireless Adapter
  product REALTEK RTL8187B_0    0x8189  RTL8187B Wireless Adapter
  product REALTEK RTL8187B_1    0x8197  RTL8187B Wireless Adapter
  product REALTEK RTL8187B_2    0x8198  RTL8187B Wireless Adapter
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CUS    0x818a  RTL8188CUS
 +product REALTEK RTL8188CU_COMBO       0x8754  RTL8188CU
 +product REALTEK RTL8191CU     0x8177  RTL8191CU
 +product REALTEK RTL8192CU     0x8178  RTL8192CU
 +product REALTEK RTL8192CE     0x817c  RTL8192CE
 +product REALTEK RTL8188RU_1   0x817d  RTL8188RU
 +product REALTEK RTL8712               0x8712  RTL8712
 +product REALTEK RTL8713               0x8712  RTL8713
 +product REALTEK RTL8188RU_2   0x317f  RTL8188RU
 +product REALTEK RTL8192SU     0xc512  RTL8192SU
  /* RedOctane products */
  product REDOCTANE DUMMY               0x0000  Dummy product
 @@ -3593,6 +3730,9 @@ product SANYO SCP4900            0x0701  Sanyo SCP
  product SCANLOGIC SL11R               0x0002  SL11R IDE Adapter
  product SCANLOGIC 336CX               0x0300  Phantom 336CX - C3 scanner
 +/* Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories products */
 +product SEL C662              0x0001  C662 Cable
  /* Sealevel products */
  product SEALEVEL 2101         0x2101  FTDI compatible adapter
  product SEALEVEL 2102         0x2102  FTDI compatible adapter
 @@ -3655,6 +3795,8 @@ product SENAO RT3072_2           0x9707  RT3072
  product SENAO RT3072_3                0x9708  RT3072
  product SENAO RT3072_4                0x9709  RT3072
  product SENAO RT3072_5                0x9801  RT3072
 +product SENAO RTL8192SU_1     0x9603  RTL8192SU
 +product SENAO RTL8192SU_2     0x9605  RTL8192SU
  /* ShanTou products */
  product SHANTOU ST268         0x0268  ST268
 @@ -3831,8 +3973,11 @@ product SILABS  BEI_VCP         0x846e  BEI USB S
  product SILABS        BALLUFF_RFID    0x8477  Balluff RFID reader
  product SILABS        AC_SERV_IBUS    0x85ea  AC-Services IBUS Interface
  product SILABS        AC_SERV_CIS     0x85eb  AC-Services CIS-IBUS
 +product SILABS        V_PREON32       0x85f8  Virtenio Preon32
  product SILABS        AC_SERV_CAN     0x8664  AC-Services CAN Interface
  product SILABS        AC_SERV_OBD     0x8665  AC-Services OBD Interface
 +product SILABS        MMB_ZIGBEE      0x88a4  MMB Networks ZigBee
 +product SILABS        INGENI_ZIGBEE   0x88a5  Planet Innovation Ingeni ZigBee
  product SILABS        CP2102          0xea60  SILABS USB UART
  product SILABS        CP210X_2        0xea61  CP210x Serial
  product SILABS        CP210X_3        0xea70  CP210x Serial
 @@ -3875,10 +4020,15 @@ product SITECOMEU WL608                0x003f  WL-608
  product SITECOMEU RT3071      0x0040  RT3071
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_1    0x0041  RT3072
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_2    0x0042  RT3072
 +product SITECOMEU WL353               0x0045  WL-353
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_3    0x0047  RT3072
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_4    0x0048  RT3072
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_5    0x004a  RT3072
 +product SITECOMEU WL349V1     0x004b  WL-349 v1
  product SITECOMEU RT3072_6    0x004d  RT3072
 +product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU_1 0x0052  RTL8188CU
 +product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU_2 0x005c  RTL8188CU
 +product SITECOMEU RTL8192CU   0x0061  RTL8192CU
  product SITECOMEU LN028               0x061c  LN-028
  product SITECOMEU WL113               0x9071  WL-113
  product SITECOMEU ZD1211B     0x9075  ZD1211B
 @@ -3904,6 +4054,7 @@ product SMC 2862WG               0xee13  EZ Connect Wi
  product SMC2 2020HUB          0x2020  USB Hub
  product SMC2 2514HUB          0x2514  USB Hub
  product SMC3 2662WUSB         0xa002  2662W-AR Wireless
 +product SMC2 LAN9514_ETH      0xec00  USB/Ethernet
  /* SOHOware products */
  product SOHOWARE NUB100               0x9100  10/100 USB Ethernet
 @@ -4004,6 +4155,7 @@ product SUNPLUS USBMOUSE 0x0007  USB Opti
  /* Super Top products */
  product       SUPERTOP IDE            0x6600  USB-IDE
 +product       SUPERTOP FLASHDRIVE     0x121c  extrememory Snippy
  /* Syntech products */
  product SYNTECH CPT8001C      0x0001  CPT-8001C Barcode scanner
 @@ -4040,6 +4192,7 @@ product SURECOM RT2573           0x31f3  RT2573
  /* Sweex products */
  product SWEEX ZD1211          0x1809  ZD1211
  product SWEEX2 LW153          0x0153  LW153
 +product SWEEX2 LW154          0x0154  LW154
  product SWEEX2 LW303          0x0302  LW303
  product SWEEX2 LW313          0x0313  LW313
 @@ -4106,6 +4259,10 @@ product TREK THUMBDRIVE         0x1111  ThumbDri
  product TREK MEMKEY           0x8888  IBM USB Memory Key
  product TREK THUMBDRIVE_8MB   0x9988  ThumbDrive_8MB
 +/* TRENDnet products */
 +product TRENDNET RTL8192CU    0x624d  RTL8192CU
 +product TRENDNET RTL8188CU    0x648b  RTL8188CU
  /* Tripp-Lite products */
  product TRIPPLITE U209                0x2008  Serial
 @@ -4210,12 +4367,19 @@ product WCH2 CH341SER_2                0x5523  CH341/CH
  product WCH2 CH341SER         0x7523  CH341/CH340 USB-Serial Bridge
  product WCH2 U2M              0X752d  CH345 USB2.0-MIDI
 +/* West Mountain Radio products */
 +product WESTMOUNTAIN RIGBLASTER_ADVANTAGE     0x0003  RIGblaster Advantage
  /* Western Digital products */
  product WESTERN COMBO         0x0200  Firewire USB Combo
  product WESTERN EXTHDD                0x0400  External HDD
  product WESTERN HUB           0x0500  USB HUB
  product WESTERN MYBOOK                0x0901  MyBook External HDD
  product WESTERN MYPASSWORD    0x0704  MyPassword External HDD
 +product WESTERN MYPASSPORT    0x0748  MyPassport External HDD
 +/* WeTelecom products */
 +product WETELECOM WM_D200     0x6801  WM-D200
  /* WIENER Plein & Baus GmbH products */
  product WIENERPLEINBAUS PL512 0x0010  PL512 PSU
 @@ -4311,3 +4475,4 @@ product ZYXEL G220V2             0x340f  G-220 v2
  product ZYXEL G202            0x3410  G-202
  product ZYXEL RT2870_1                0x3416  RT2870
  product ZYXEL RT2870_2                0x341a  RT2870
 +product ZYXEL RTL8192CU               0x341f  RTL8192CU
 Modified: stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_rum.c
 --- stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_rum.c Mon Dec 16 08:56:45 2013        
 +++ stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_rum.c Mon Dec 16 09:07:09 2013        
 @@ -604,8 +604,13 @@ rum_vap_create(struct ieee80211com *ic, 
                return NULL;
        vap = &rvp->vap;
        /* enable s/w bmiss handling for sta mode */
 -      ieee80211_vap_setup(ic, vap, name, unit, opmode,
 -          flags | IEEE80211_CLONE_NOBEACONS, bssid, mac);
 +      if (ieee80211_vap_setup(ic, vap, name, unit, opmode,
 +          flags | IEEE80211_CLONE_NOBEACONS, bssid, mac) != 0) {
 +              /* out of memory */
 +              free(rvp, M_80211_VAP);
 +              return (NULL);
 +      }
        /* override state transition machine */
        rvp->newstate = vap->iv_newstate;
 @@ -1131,7 +1136,7 @@ rum_tx_mgt(struct rum_softc *sc, struct 
                dur = ieee80211_ack_duration(ic->ic_rt, tp->mgmtrate, 
                    ic->ic_flags & IEEE80211_F_SHPREAMBLE);
 -              *(uint16_t *)wh->i_dur = htole16(dur);
 +              USETW(wh->i_dur, dur);
                /* tell hardware to add timestamp for probe responses */
                if ((wh->i_fc[0] &
 @@ -1275,7 +1280,7 @@ rum_tx_data(struct rum_softc *sc, struct
                dur = ieee80211_ack_duration(ic->ic_rt, rate, 
                    ic->ic_flags & IEEE80211_F_SHPREAMBLE);
 -              *(uint16_t *)wh->i_dur = htole16(dur);
 +              USETW(wh->i_dur, dur);
        rum_setup_tx_desc(sc, &data->desc, flags, 0, m0->m_pkthdr.len, rate);
 Modified: stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c
 --- stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c Mon Dec 16 08:56:45 2013        
 +++ stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan/if_run.c Mon Dec 16 09:07:09 2013        
 @@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
   * Copyright (c) 2008,2010 Damien Bergamini <>
   * ported to FreeBSD by Akinori Furukoshi <>
   * USB Consulting, Hans Petter Selasky <>
 + * Copyright (c) 2013 Kevin Lo
   * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
   * purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
 @@ -20,7 +21,7 @@
 - * Ralink Technology RT2700U/RT2800U/RT3000U chipset driver.
 + * Ralink Technology RT2700U/RT2800U/RT3000U/RT3900E chipset driver.
 @@ -74,8 +75,6 @@ __FBSDID("$FreeBSD$");
  #include <dev/usb/wlan/if_runreg.h>
  #include <dev/usb/wlan/if_runvar.h>
 -#define       N(_a) ((int)(sizeof((_a)) / sizeof((_a)[0])))
  #ifdef        USB_DEBUG
  #define RUN_DEBUG
 @@ -172,6 +171,8 @@ static const STRUCT_USB_HOST_ID run_devs
      RUN_DEV(CYBERTAN,         RT2870),
      RUN_DEV(DLINK,            RT2870),
      RUN_DEV(DLINK,            RT3072),
 +    RUN_DEV(DLINK,            DWA140B3),
 +    RUN_DEV(DLINK,            DWA160B2),
      RUN_DEV(DLINK2,           DWA130),
      RUN_DEV(DLINK2,           RT2870_1),
      RUN_DEV(DLINK2,           RT2870_2),
 @@ -255,6 +256,8 @@ static const STRUCT_USB_HOST_ID run_devs
      RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT3072),
      RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT3370),
      RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT3572),
 +    RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT5370),
 +    RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT5572),
      RUN_DEV(RALINK,           RT8070),
      RUN_DEV(SAMSUNG,          WIS09ABGN),
      RUN_DEV(SAMSUNG2,         RT2870_1),
 @@ -318,7 +321,7 @@ static usb_callback_t      run_bulk_tx_callba
  static usb_callback_t run_bulk_tx_callback5;
  static void   run_bulk_tx_callbackN(struct usb_xfer *xfer,
 -                  usb_error_t error, unsigned int index);
 +                  usb_error_t error, u_int index);
  static struct ieee80211vap *run_vap_create(struct ieee80211com *,
                    const char [IFNAMSIZ], int, enum ieee80211_opmode, int,
                    const uint8_t [IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN],
 @@ -342,13 +345,13 @@ static int       run_write_region_1(struct run
  static int    run_set_region_4(struct run_softc *, uint16_t, uint32_t, int);
  static int    run_efuse_read_2(struct run_softc *, uint16_t, uint16_t *);
  static int    run_eeprom_read_2(struct run_softc *, uint16_t, uint16_t *);
 -static int    run_rt2870_rf_write(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint32_t);
 +static int    run_rt2870_rf_write(struct run_softc *, uint32_t);
  static int    run_rt3070_rf_read(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t *);
  static int    run_rt3070_rf_write(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t);
  static int    run_bbp_read(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t *);
  static int    run_bbp_write(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t);
  static int    run_mcu_cmd(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint16_t);
 -static const char *run_get_rf(int);
 +static const char *run_get_rf(uint16_t);
  static int    run_read_eeprom(struct run_softc *);
  static struct ieee80211_node *run_node_alloc(struct ieee80211vap *,
                            const uint8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
 @@ -360,7 +363,7 @@ static void        run_key_update_begin(struct 
  static void   run_key_update_end(struct ieee80211vap *);
  static void   run_key_set_cb(void *);
  static int    run_key_set(struct ieee80211vap *, struct ieee80211_key *,
 -                          const uint8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
 +                  const uint8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
  static void   run_key_delete_cb(void *);
  static int    run_key_delete(struct ieee80211vap *, struct ieee80211_key *);
  static void   run_ratectl_to(void *);
 @@ -392,6 +395,8 @@ static void        run_set_rx_antenna(struct ru
  static void   run_rt2870_set_chan(struct run_softc *, u_int);
  static void   run_rt3070_set_chan(struct run_softc *, u_int);
  static void   run_rt3572_set_chan(struct run_softc *, u_int);
 +static void   run_rt5390_set_chan(struct run_softc *, u_int);
 +static void   run_rt5592_set_chan(struct run_softc *, u_int);
  static int    run_set_chan(struct run_softc *, struct ieee80211_channel *);
  static void   run_set_channel(struct ieee80211com *);
  static void   run_scan_start(struct ieee80211com *);
 @@ -415,16 +420,19 @@ static void      run_update_mcast(struct ifne
  static int8_t run_rssi2dbm(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t);
  static void   run_update_promisc_locked(struct ifnet *);
  static void   run_update_promisc(struct ifnet *);
 +static void   run_rt5390_bbp_init(struct run_softc *);
  static int    run_bbp_init(struct run_softc *);
  static int    run_rt3070_rf_init(struct run_softc *);
 +static void   run_rt5390_rf_init(struct run_softc *);
  static int    run_rt3070_filter_calib(struct run_softc *, uint8_t, uint8_t,
                    uint8_t *);
  static void   run_rt3070_rf_setup(struct run_softc *);
  static int    run_txrx_enable(struct run_softc *);
 +static void   run_adjust_freq_offset(struct run_softc *);
  static void   run_init(void *);
  static void   run_init_locked(struct run_softc *);
  static void   run_stop(void *);
 -static void   run_delay(struct run_softc *, unsigned int);
 +static void   run_delay(struct run_softc *, u_int);
  static const struct {
        uint16_t        reg;
 @@ -438,6 +446,25 @@ static const struct {
        uint8_t val;
  } rt2860_def_bbp[] = {
 +},rt5390_def_bbp[] = {
 +      RT5390_DEF_BBP
 +},rt5592_def_bbp[] = {
 +      RT5592_DEF_BBP
 + * Default values for BBP register R196 for RT5592.
 + */
 +static const uint8_t rt5592_bbp_r196[] = {
 +      0xe0, 0x1f, 0x38, 0x32, 0x08, 0x28, 0x19, 0x0a, 0xff, 0x00,
 +      0x16, 0x10, 0x10, 0x0b, 0x36, 0x2c, 0x26, 0x24, 0x42, 0x36,
 +      0x30, 0x2d, 0x4c, 0x46, 0x3d, 0x40, 0x3e, 0x42, 0x3d, 0x40,
 +      0x3c, 0x34, 0x2c, 0x2f, 0x3c, 0x35, 0x2e, 0x2a, 0x49, 0x41,
 +      0x36, 0x31, 0x30, 0x30, 0x0e, 0x0d, 0x28, 0x21, 0x1c, 0x16,
 +      0x50, 0x4a, 0x43, 0x40, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00,
 +      0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00,
 +      0x00, 0x00, 0x7d, 0x14, 0x32, 0x2c, 0x36, 0x4c, 0x43, 0x2c,
 +      0x2e, 0x36, 0x30, 0x6e
  static const struct rfprog {
 @@ -453,6 +480,15 @@ struct {
 +static const struct rt5592_freqs {
 +      uint16_t        n;
 +      uint8_t         k, m, r;
 +} rt5592_freqs_20mhz[] = {
 +      RT5592_RF5592_20MHZ
 +},rt5592_freqs_40mhz[] = {
 +      RT5592_RF5592_40MHZ
  static const struct {
        uint8_t reg;
        uint8_t val;
 @@ -460,6 +496,25 @@ static const struct {
  },rt3572_def_rf[] = {
 +},rt5390_def_rf[] = {
 +      RT5390_DEF_RF
 +},rt5392_def_rf[] = {
 +      RT5392_DEF_RF
 +},rt5592_def_rf[] = {
 +      RT5592_DEF_RF
 +},rt5592_2ghz_def_rf[] = {
 +      RT5592_2GHZ_DEF_RF
 +},rt5592_5ghz_def_rf[] = {
 +      RT5592_5GHZ_DEF_RF
 +static const struct {
 +      u_int   firstchan;
 +      u_int   lastchan;
 +      uint8_t reg;
 +      uint8_t val;
 +} rt5592_chan_5ghz[] = {
 +      RT5592_CHAN_5GHZ
  static const struct usb_config run_config[RUN_N_XFER] = {
 @@ -556,7 +611,7 @@ run_attach(device_t self)
        struct ieee80211com *ic;
        struct ifnet *ifp;
        uint32_t ver;
 -      int i, ntries, error;
 +      int ntries, error;
        uint8_t iface_index, bands;
 @@ -653,27 +708,11 @@ run_attach(device_t self)
        bands = 0;
        setbit(&bands, IEEE80211_MODE_11B);
        setbit(&bands, IEEE80211_MODE_11G);
 +      if (sc->rf_rev == RT2860_RF_2750 || sc->rf_rev == RT2860_RF_2850 ||
 +          sc->rf_rev == RT3070_RF_3052 || sc->rf_rev == RT5592_RF_5592)
 +              setbit(&bands, IEEE80211_MODE_11A);
        ieee80211_init_channels(ic, NULL, &bands);
 -      /*
 -       * Do this by own because h/w supports
 -       * more channels than ieee80211_init_channels()
 -       */
 -      if (sc->rf_rev == RT2860_RF_2750 ||
 -          sc->rf_rev == RT2860_RF_2850 ||
 -          sc->rf_rev == RT3070_RF_3052) {
 -              /* set supported .11a rates */
 -              for (i = 14; i < N(rt2860_rf2850); i++) {
 -                      uint8_t chan = rt2860_rf2850[i].chan;
 -                      ic->ic_channels[ic->ic_nchans].ic_freq =
 -                          ieee80211_ieee2mhz(chan, IEEE80211_CHAN_A);
 -                      ic->ic_channels[ic->ic_nchans].ic_ieee = chan;
 -                      ic->ic_channels[ic->ic_nchans].ic_flags = 
 -                      ic->ic_channels[ic->ic_nchans].ic_extieee = 0;
 -                      ic->ic_nchans++;
 -              }
 -      }
        ieee80211_ifattach(ic, sc->sc_bssid);
        ic->ic_scan_start = run_scan_start;
 @@ -698,7 +737,7 @@ run_attach(device_t self)
        TASK_INIT(&sc->cmdq_task, 0, run_cmdq_cb, sc);
        TASK_INIT(&sc->ratectl_task, 0, run_ratectl_cb, sc);
 -      callout_init((struct callout *)&sc->ratectl_ch, 1);
 +      usb_callout_init_mtx(&sc->ratectl_ch, &sc->sc_mtx, 0);
        if (bootverbose)
 @@ -802,7 +841,13 @@ run_vap_create(struct ieee80211com *ic, 
        if (rvp == NULL)
                return (NULL);
        vap = &rvp->vap;
 -      ieee80211_vap_setup(ic, vap, name, unit, opmode, flags, bssid, mac);
 +      if (ieee80211_vap_setup(ic, vap, name, unit,
 +          opmode, flags, bssid, mac) != 0) {
 +              /* out of memory */
 +              free(rvp, M_80211_VAP);
 +              return (NULL);
 +      }
        vap->iv_key_update_begin = run_key_update_begin;
        vap->iv_key_update_end = run_key_update_end;
 @@ -1008,13 +1053,12 @@ run_load_microcode(struct run_softc *sc)
        /* cheap sanity check */
        temp = fw->data;
        bytes = *temp;
 -      if (bytes != be64toh(0xffffff0210280210)) {
 +      if (bytes != be64toh(0xffffff0210280210ULL)) {
                device_printf(sc->sc_dev, "firmware checksum failed\n");
                error = EINVAL;
                goto fail;
 -      run_read(sc, RT2860_ASIC_VER_ID, &tmp);
        /* write microcode image */
        run_write_region_1(sc, RT2870_FW_BASE, base, 4096);
        run_write(sc, RT2860_H2M_MAILBOX_CID, 0xffffffff);
 @@ -1061,7 +1105,7 @@ fail:
        return (error);
 +static int
  run_reset(struct run_softc *sc)
        usb_device_request_t req;
 @@ -1163,13 +1207,32 @@ run_write_region_1(struct run_softc *sc,
        return (error);
        usb_device_request_t req;
 +      int error = 0;
 -      req.bmRequestType = UT_WRITE_VENDOR_DEVICE;
 -      req.bRequest = RT2870_WRITE_REGION_1;
 -      USETW(req.wValue, 0);
 -      USETW(req.wIndex, reg);
 -      USETW(req.wLength, len);
 -      return (run_do_request(sc, &req, buf));
 +      /*
 +       * NOTE: It appears the WRITE_REGION_1 command cannot be
 +       * passed a huge amount of data, which will crash the
 +       * firmware. Limit amount of data passed to 64-bytes at a
 +       * time.
 +       */
 +      while (len > 0) {
 +              int delta = 64;
 +              if (delta > len)
 +                      delta = len;
 +              req.bmRequestType = UT_WRITE_VENDOR_DEVICE;
 +              req.bRequest = RT2870_WRITE_REGION_1;
 +              USETW(req.wValue, 0);
 +              USETW(req.wIndex, reg);
 +              USETW(req.wLength, delta);
 +              error = run_do_request(sc, &req, __DECONST(uint8_t *, buf));
 +              if (error != 0)
 +                      break;
 +              reg += delta;
 +              buf += delta;
 +              len -= delta;
 +      }
 +      return (error);
 @@ -1259,7 +1322,7 @@ run_srom_read(struct run_softc *sc, uint
  static int
 -run_rt2870_rf_write(struct run_softc *sc, uint8_t reg, uint32_t val)
 +run_rt2870_rf_write(struct run_softc *sc, uint32_t val)
        uint32_t tmp;
        int error, ntries;
 @@ -1273,10 +1336,7 @@ run_rt2870_rf_write(struct run_softc *sc
        if (ntries == 10)
                return (ETIMEDOUT);
 -      /* RF registers are 24-bit on the RT2860 */
 -      tmp = RT2860_RF_REG_CTRL | 24 << RT2860_RF_REG_WIDTH_SHIFT |
 -          (val & 0x3fffff) << 2 | (reg & 3);
 -      return (run_write(sc, RT2860_RF_CSR_CFG0, tmp));
 +      return (run_write(sc, RT2860_RF_CSR_CFG0, val));
  static int
 @@ -1427,7 +1487,7 @@ b4inc(uint32_t b32, int8_t delta)
  static const char *
 -run_get_rf(int rev)
 +run_get_rf(uint16_t rev)
        switch (rev) {
        case RT2860_RF_2820:    return "RT2820";
 @@ -1439,11 +1499,14 @@ run_get_rf(int rev)
        case RT3070_RF_3021:    return "RT3021";
        case RT3070_RF_3022:    return "RT3022";
        case RT3070_RF_3052:    return "RT3052";
 +      case RT5592_RF_5592:    return "RT5592";
 +      case RT5390_RF_5370:    return "RT5370";
 +      case RT5390_RF_5372:    return "RT5372";
        return ("unknown");
 +static int
  run_read_eeprom(struct run_softc *sc)
        int8_t delta_2ghz, delta_5ghz;
 @@ -1475,21 +1538,25 @@ run_read_eeprom(struct run_softc *sc)
        sc->sc_bssid[4] = val & 0xff;
        sc->sc_bssid[5] = val >> 8;
 -      /* read vender BBP settings */
 -      for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
 -              run_srom_read(sc, RT2860_EEPROM_BBP_BASE + i, &val);
 -              sc->bbp[i].val = val & 0xff;
 -              sc->bbp[i].reg = val >> 8;
 -              DPRINTF("BBP%d=0x%02x\n", sc->bbp[i].reg, sc->bbp[i].val);
 -      }
 -      if (sc->mac_ver >= 0x3071) {
 -              /* read vendor RF settings */
 +      if (sc->mac_ver < 0x5390) {
 +              /* read vender BBP settings */
                for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
 -                      run_srom_read(sc, RT3071_EEPROM_RF_BASE + i, &val);
 -                      sc->rf[i].val = val & 0xff;
 -                      sc->rf[i].reg = val >> 8;
 -                      DPRINTF("RF%d=0x%02x\n", sc->rf[i].reg,
 -                          sc->rf[i].val);
 +                      run_srom_read(sc, RT2860_EEPROM_BBP_BASE + i, &val);
 +                      sc->bbp[i].val = val & 0xff;
 +                      sc->bbp[i].reg = val >> 8;
 +                      DPRINTF("BBP%d=0x%02x\n", sc->bbp[i].reg,
 +                          sc->bbp[i].val);
 +              }
 +              if (sc->mac_ver >= 0x3071) {
 +                      /* read vendor RF settings */
 +                      for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
 +                              run_srom_read(sc, RT3071_EEPROM_RF_BASE + i,
 +                                 &val);
 +                              sc->rf[i].val = val & 0xff;
 +                              sc->rf[i].reg = val >> 8;
 +                              DPRINTF("RF%d=0x%02x\n", sc->rf[i].reg,
 +                                  sc->rf[i].val);
 +                      }
 @@ -1515,7 +1582,11 @@ run_read_eeprom(struct run_softc *sc)
            sc->leds, sc->led[0], sc->led[1], sc->led[2]);
        /* read RF information */
 -      run_srom_read(sc, RT2860_EEPROM_ANTENNA, &val);
 +      if (sc->mac_ver == 0x5390 || sc->mac_ver ==0x5392)
 +              run_srom_read(sc, 0x00, &val);
 +      else
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