Step 2 is here -- the stall with the 2014-01-05 (r260321) kernel.

The attached log covers: the attach-detach-attach-detach sequence.

On Sun, 1/12/14, Alex Goncharov <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: usb/185628: usbd_req_re_enumerate set address failed 
USB_ERR_STALLED for Seagate USB drives between r259425 and r260321
 To: "Hans Petter Selasky" <>, "" 
<>, "" 
 Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014, 12:02 PM
 I'll do it slightly
 differently first -- it'll be easier for me this way.
 I'll do it differently if you don't find what you
 are looking for here.
 Step 1: I booted into "kernel-2013-12-16/kernel"
 -- r259449.
 I can see and mount /dev/da0 when I connect the Seagate
 HDD.  I am attaching the lo of the usbdump here,
 including the event of 'mount' and 'umount'.
 Next, I'll reboot into the current (2014-01-05) kernel
 and will collect similar
 It'll be in the next message.
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