Hi Huang,

On 01/30/14 06:56, Huang Wen Hui wrote:

Thanks for you take care of it and commit it! I found two problems:

1. The selection is not expected when selection with 2 fingers sometimes.
2.  Unexpected scrolling when Click with 2 fingers.

This patch can fix that. The var "n" modify to "ntouch"  seems to be

Right, but aren't we then accessing non-initialised sc->pos_x[] data ?

Because if ntouch == 2, n can be less than or equal to 2, due to continue in for-loop above. What is the purpose of the "n" variable?

Can you explain?

-               if (n == 2) {
+               if (ntouch == 2) {
                        sc->distance = max(sc->distance, max(
                            abs(sc->pos_x[0] - sc->pos_x[1]),
                            abs(sc->pos_y[0] - sc->pos_y[1])));


Huang Wen Hui

2014-01-29 Hans Petter Selasky <h...@bitfrost.no>

On 01/29/14 09:49, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:


I tested the driver on a 2012 Macbook Air 11" and it works great! Good

Is there a way to disable click-by-touch? I always preferred clicking with
the physical button that is built in to the pad.


I've added an "#if 0" around the 1 finger tap code until further. Maybe
this feature can be tunable?

I fixed the code style, added some range checks and cleared some buffer

When you assign a signed value to an unsigned variable, you should range
check it, because the sign might cause an overflow when you use it later on.

int8_t x = -1;

uint32_t t = x;

"t" is now "0xffffffffU" and not "255".

Tested the code on my MacBookPro. Hope I didn't break anything. If so,
send a patch to freebsd-usb.


To get the touchpad working with Xorg, I needed to re-compile HALD with
the attached patch.

kwm: Can you get the attached patch into ports?

Auto-loading of wsp via devd will be done later. Simply need to
re-generate usb.conf in /etc ...


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