I have been encountering this problem for almost a year now and I'd really like
help fixing it. My system only has USB ports and no ps/2 for a keyboard. I'm
running FreeBSD 9 with an encrypted GELI container for the whole system. The
kernel resides on a USB key and with 8.1 - 9.0 I was able to enter the GELI
password using a USB keyboard at the GELI prompt during booting. Since 9.1 this
is not possible anymore and still isn't with 10.0. The GELI prompt either
doesn't accept any key press or ignores Enter (I can't tell the difference
because the password is not shown). I already looked at the code but could
not find significant changes in ukbd.c or the likes from 9.0 to 9.1. However,
since the GELI code was changed even less I post the question here. Is there
a possibility to get more debug output except for verbose boot? Can I provide
other information to help fix the problem?

Thanks a lot!

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