I reverted to GEOM from 9.0 (with the rest of the kernel from 10.0) and the 
problem persists. However after pressing a lot of keys, there indeed was some 
response from GELI telling my 'wrong passphrase'. 

Intermittently, but not from the beginning, I saw a lot of ukbd polling 
messages. Due to a previous error I have set the polling rate to 
hw.usb.ukbd.pollrate=100. Changing this has no effect whatsoever.

The first ten or so seconds, GELI doesn't respond at all. Then, for no apparent 
reason, a polling loop commences that somehow sparsely passes through 
individual key presses.

The problem seems therefore not to be in GEOM and not in ukbd but rather in the 
interplay of both (via syscons?). Have there been any significant changes from 
9.0 to >= 9.1?

off-topic: Please excuse this terrible webmail stuff, I cannot even respond to 
the proper message. Going to change my provider soon :/

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