Arg, cheered too soon :( It actually wasn't the cngets()/gets() change. I also
tried enabling the APIC again (by hint.apic.0.disabled=0, hint.apic.1.disabled=0
in loader.conf) at the same time. The password entering seems to work as long
as the APIC is enabled. I have been keeping it disabled since 8.1 or so because 
my system would freeze after a few days with the APIC enabled, probably some
interrupt storm, never checked this in detail

So now, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place: When the APIC is enabled,
I can enter the GELI password and by system boots but hard freezes after two
days. If the APIC is disabled I cannot enter the password but the system
would run without problems.

It's probably time to investigate further on the interrupt storm issue in
order to be able to use the APIC in future. However, I'm not particularly
knowledegable in this area. Will probably start with vmstat -i :) Any other


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