On Tue, 3/4/14, Erich Dollansky <er...@alogt.com> wrote:
> just buy cheap USB cases and put any drive you want in.

Will this result in a quirkless installation, or will I just be moving the 
problem farther down the cable?  If all drives will behave themselves, then 
perhaps this truly is the best option.

Seems like all the other drives I've purchased are technically just laptop 
drives in a plastic case, but maybe a case designed for swapping in and out 
unspecified drives will be more universal.

Thanks for the tip.

On Tue, 3/4/14, Gary Jennejohn <gljennj...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have two 1TB USB3 external drives from Toshiba (laptop drives in a plastic 
> enclosure) which work with both FreeBSD and Windows7.
> Don't know whether these are still available.  Seems to me I bought them 
> cheap on eBay or amazon.

The issue I'm running into is consistent availability.  I want to get one, test 
it, then get maybe half a dozen more once I'm sure it works, and have the 
option to get a few down the road as replacements/additions are necessary.  
They don't all have to be the same model, but we need the ability to just buy 
more when needed, not start the experimentation phase again.

I suppose that's a tall order, but maybe the external swap case will solve the 

Thanks to both of you for the input!


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