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On 11 Apr 2014, at 16:06, Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org> wrote:
On 04/11/14 06:33, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
Also, when it does connect at 5Gbps the speed seems quite slow - on my laptop 
(with USB controller VID 0x8086 PID 0x9c31 - Lynx point I think) I get 
225MB/sec using libusb. On FreeBSD I get around 92MB/sec although only after 
lowering(!!) the amount read per transfer.

FreeBSD sets an IRQ latency of 125us, while the others use the default of 
62.5us. Are you double buffering the USB transfers? The IRQ latency can be 
changed by editing a macro in the XHCI driver:

#define XHCI_IMOD_DEFAULT       0x000003E8U     /* 8000 IRQ/second */

At a rate of 225MB/s you need around 2x32Kbyte of buffer and you need to avoid 
short transfers.


My test program looks like..
        for (i = 0; i < EP_FDNREQ; i++) {
            usb_xf[i].xf = libusb_alloc_transfer(0);
            usb_xf[i].idx = i;
            usb_xf[i].done = 0;
            usb_xf[i].submitted = 0;
            p = malloc(EP_FDXFAMT);
            libusb_fill_bulk_transfer(usb_xf[i].xf, h, EP_UDBUS, p, EP_FDXFAMT, 
usbcb, &usb_xf[i], 10000);

I then submit all these and then have the call back log the speed (after N 
transfers) and reissue the request.
(I can send you the full code if you like)

I find that on OSX if I have..
#define EP_FDXFAMT      32768                   /* Number of bytes per tranfer 
#define EP_FDNREQ       4                       /* Number of request to keep in 
flight */

I get 225MB/sec pretty much constantly, if I lower those values then the 
transfer rate is much lumpier.

With the same code I get 125MB/sec on FreeBSD.

I tried fiddling the numbers to get more but that seems to be the maximum.

Curiously if I increase the number of bytes per transfer to 64k the throughput 
drops to 86MB/sec.

Lowering it to 16k gives 125MB/sec, 8k gives 62MB/sec.

Finally, I ran systat -vmstat 1 while running the test and I see 4000 IRQ/sec 
on the xhci device, not 8000 as your comment above would suggest.


Looks like a bug there. Can you try this patch:


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