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So @work we use serial->USB TTY MUX's to handle our serial console needs, and 
at some sites we have a need that is greater than a single 16 port device (the 
max you can get).  The problem is that with two of these 16 port USB devices is 
that sometimes during a reboot that the "second" device gets probed first and 
so the first 16 and second 16 /dev/ttyU* blocks swap around... which of course 
plays havoc with any symlinks we have to the devices in rtty or conserver. :(

Is there any way to tell the USB code to always select a certain device first?  
I assume this has been a issue with USB storage devices so this shouldn't be a 
new issue.  And I tried searching for a answer on the web to no avail.


Thanks - Peter
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